I So Want Ashley Judd To Watch This

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this breakdown of the feminism argument so much. LOVE.

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  • Daisy

    So Dead On….

  • Daisy

    And, that wife beater with the beret look…nice choice there, chick.

  • MissJack

    I have never loved something as much as I love this.

  • Jessica

    When I was in college, I wrote a final paper on “Why Feminism Should Die” for a Feminist Theory 350 class… needless to say, the prof hated me and I didn’t do well in her class. While I am all for women’s right, I think so-called “Feminists” take the “feminine” out of the concept.

  • burning eyeballs

    This is perfect.

  • sunnyAZ

    This is right on the money.