Good Pranks Gone Bad

You never know when your male roommate might be a complete girl. Prank with caution.

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  • sunnyAZspawn

    That’s awesome!!! What a girl! Wonder who is going to pay for the window!

  • ER

    Mock – Tried to contact you via the ‘contact me’ link on your site but it wouldn’t go through, so thought you might find the following link laughable. Yet another hilarious faux pas in the great city of Spokane. It appears that one of our crossing signs is missing a few fingers!

    There’s a link within the story that lets you blow it up and see it clearly.

  • mikey

    The fact that the exchange student is Russian explains his reaction. People have 5 locks on their apartment doors there. And if someone has gotten into your apartment, they are probaby armed and aren’t f’ing around.

  • Mockarena

    ER – I’m saving that picture forever and ever. LOVE. 🙂

  • sunnyAZ

    LOVE IT!

  • burning eyeballs

    OMG! That was so funny I played it twice!

  • Jen

    That was fantastic. I love the “that was me…..” at the end.

  • The Captain…


    No one thinks Windows 7 is really cool…

    The Captain…
    Loyal Defender of Daisy, Dandelion and Clan Mock