ATTENTION TOWNSPEOPLE: This Is Why Daisy Prefers Giraffes

Daisy sent me this video today, with a message that said, “This is why I have big dogs.”

And it’s pretty hard to disagree with her on this. I mean, this dog is a PSYCHO, and I’m pretty sure that the reason the video ends when it does is because that dog’s head starts turning in circles and it begins to projectile green vomit.

Then again, Daisy has the World’s Most Perfect Dog, so it’s hard not to be biased.

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  • RAL

    Those dogs always sound and look nuts. Really, if you think about it, that dog was just sitting there nicely– watching tennis TV all comfy and everything and some jack-hole starts taunting him with a remote. If I started poking you while you were relaxing you would smack me one! 🙂

  • mtnmannh

    It’s a remote, can’t you just turn the dog off? At least turn it down.

  • Buckeye Bob

    More fun to replace the remote with a stun gun. Bite this Buffy! 🙂

  • mga

    if i owned that dog, he would find his behind 20 miles away and deep in the woods for coyote food.

  • Daisy

    This dog is Napoleon reincarnated as a mid-day snack for my dogs.

  • el pato

    i think he started ‘barking’ in tongues, didn’t he?

    although, i gotta agree with mga, that kind of dog is best
    used to punt through the goal posts!

    just kidding, i’d never punt him. maybe just sort of roll him through.

  • Tina B

    I’m 100% in agreement with what mga said, except you would never get me to own a small dog like that. EVER.

    It’s bad enough that two separate next door neighbors have 3 small sized dogs similar to this one that CONSTANTLY bark the entire time we and they are out in our respective back yards!! This year they began to bark when they could hear anything in my house through my open windows, too!! I’m not talking about us being noisy or fighting or the like, I’m talking about my speaking in an “indoor voice” to my children, or simply at the kitchen sink doing dishes and they clink and make a little noise. The dogs come running up to our side of their backyard and start barking away. Can you tell that I HATE LITTLE DOGS? >:-(

  • Susie

    intelligence is directly related to the size of a dogs brain…little head = itty bitty brain!

  • mga


    i haven’t tried one myself, but a woman my wife works with had a similar situation with small dogs next to her house barking constantly.

    she said she bought that Bark Off thing for $20 and she swears it works. she claims that little $#@[email protected] dog has actually stopped barking.

  • mga

    “intelligence is directly related to the size of a dogs brain…little head = itty bitty brain!”

    what’s people’s excuse?

  • judith dickinson

    you sound like a bunch of animal lovers. these types of dogs are actually sweet when not taunted, although they do bark alot. when you’re not imposing in size, you have to make up for it someway