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Good Pranks Gone Bad

You never know when your male roommate might be a complete girl. Prank with caution.


Is this dude gay or just really really really committed to his cheerleading performance?

Either way, I love him.

ATTENTION TOWNSPEOPLE: This Is Why Daisy Prefers Giraffes

Daisy sent me this video today, with a message that said, “This is why I have big dogs.”

And it’s pretty hard to disagree with her on this. I mean, this dog is a PSYCHO, and I’m pretty sure that the reason the video ends when it does is because that dog’s head starts turning in circles and it begins to projectile green vomit.

Then again, Daisy has the World’s Most Perfect Dog, so it’s hard not to be biased.

The Degeneration Of Society

It really can’t be presented any more clearly than this:

I So Want Ashley Judd To Watch This

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this breakdown of the feminism argument so much. LOVE.

In Today’s Stupid Headlines…

…I bring you this:

Seriously?  Fines as a secondary punishment to death?  I’m guessing if you die while texting/driving, you’re pretty much not going to care about fines, what with how you’ll not be alive to pay them and whatnot.

Whoever you are, kmurphy, you really need to re-think your priorities.

I Don’t Know What This Is…

…and I think it’s probably best that I keep it that way.

NOTE:  DO NOT add this to my Christmas list.  Unless it comes with a fainting pink goat.

Most. Accurate Graph. EVER.

The first time it snows in Indiana each winter, a couple of things happen without fail:

1.  Skatey-eight billion people say something about it on Facebook and,

2.  Everyone temporarily forgets that they drove through snow last year.

I’m not kidding.  People are FREAKS on the roads the first day it snows.  They either crawl at turtle speed or they believe they are invincible and drive like maniacs.  There is rarely a happy medium, unless you count me, because I have awesome driving skillz.  🙂


What sort of gangsta symbol is this, and how seriously do other gangstas actually take a kid in a cookie monster hat?

Mini-Mock Will Not Be Getting This For Christmas

Seriously. Why is this a toy? Why?

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