Your Halloween Landbeast

I know it’s not officially till tomorrow, but I’m not sure how posty I can be tomorrow what with all of our sleeping in and brunching with friends who just happen to be in Vegas at the same time as us, and traveling back to Indy and whatnot.

So consider this my happiest of all halloween wishes for all of my mockdockers.  🙂  Y’all be good.

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  • sunnyAZ

    WHY!!!! What have we done to you? I’m about to lose my dinner!

  • Tina B

    Thank you for the assistance to not steal too much of my daughter’s candy tonight. (People trick or treat on Saturday in my community when Halloween falls on a Sunday. Don’t get me started…grr)

  • socalmom

    OMG!!! Now I wish I hadn’t had that 1/2 piece of chocolate mousse pie (my son’s leftovers) tonight! And…I think i’ll pass on that extra piece of candy tomorrow night!!! I guess we should be thankful we didn’t get the back view, too…

  • anonymous

    Okay…so are her “privates” covered up by that first roll of flab? Her bikini seems to cover her belly. I’m so confused!!! Can anyone help explain?

  • JMD

    Listen, you can’t see it, she hasn’t seen it and a man can’t find it…UGH! Not to worry. You gotta eat a LOT of candy to get this way. She will be an underground beast soon if she doesn’t get a grip on her eating habits, pore ole thang.

  • Punky

    That’s some wicked camel toe! I didn’t know the Michelin Man was married.

  • el pato

    noooooooooooo! there is nipular area showing!! ughhhhhh!!!!
    and don’t get me started on why that bottom part is stretched like
    that!! holy cow, don’t they have any dignity at all?????

  • JMD

    Punky…HAHAHAHAAAA. Clever and funny, nice work of wits.
    Would someone tell her that the bikini makes her look fat?
    el pato…So, you are not a Ta Ta man?
    I am sending this off to my best GF that has gained 20 pounds in 6 months. Good Lordy!

  • el pato

    @ JMD, sorry, but my HUSBAND doesn’t like that either. :oP

  • Punky

    JMD – thanks! I have my moments!!