Your Wednesday Night Heartthrob

He’s a beauty, isn’t he? 🙂

We just woke up from a glorious afternoon nap, and I had a nice soak in a super deep and awesome tub,  and we’re going to get dressed and go out to dinner and try to get used to the time difference here.

I love Vegas.  We had lunch at a little restaurant in the Venetian, and opera singers just sort of materialized in the middle of the mall, along with a dude on stilts and a jester, and they sang and stilted and jested while we ate.  Totally regular normal ordinary lunch in Vegas.

More later, mockdockers!

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  • el pato

    ‘scuse me, i just barfed.
    oh eeww.

  • JMD

    Believe it or not…somewhere is a mother that loves her little boy!

  • Tina B

    Shhhhh! Be very quiet. Don’t wake the sleeping zombie!

  • Punky

    He’s mine girls. All mine.

  • Buckeye Bob

    It’s Beetlejuice!

  • Pict13

    Does he really think the receding hairline, long hair combo is lookin’ good? It’s never looked good on anyone. EVER. But then again, I guess attractive is not what he’s going for.

  • el pato

    hey bob! after looking at his picture again, he looks more
    like that guy from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, doesn’t he?
    i mean, he’s got that hair thing down pretty well. >:oP

  • Wiz of ID

    I just think it is very rude of whoever took this picture. I mean, he looks extremely uncomfortable in that chair. There’s a matress right behind him. Couldn’t they put the precious lil’ guy on it for a more comfortable pass-out?

  • Anonymous

    It’s totally Riff Raff the mad servant from Rocky Horror….”Come inside Muuahha!…”

  • BenderJ

    This is how Marilyn Manson “unwinds”…