This Is The Scariest Thing You Will See Today

If there were ever a human being DESIGNED for hog-calling, this woman is IT.

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  • Tina B

    Was she trying to CALL a pig, or trying to BE a pig??? That was a pretty scary looking set of face she was making, too. O.O

  • Nancy

    What would compel someone to make themselves sound and look so unfortunate?

  • sunnyAZ

    She certainly looked the part of a pig. Check out her upper arms, they look like hams!

  • Buckeye Bob

    Would she be guilty of cannibalism for eating a pork chop?

  • Sunshyndrmr

    wtf!?!?! That was horrible. Her arms DO look like hams! I don’t understand contests like this but I especially don’t understand doing this sound for sooooo long. I think she proved whatever it was she was proving in the first 2 seconds

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    If I made those noises, I’d end up choking on my own mucus. There is no way to make those sounds without loosening up the sinuses. She must have the most clear sinus cavities of any human.

  • mikey

    OJS can always be counted on to have a unique perspective!

    Imagine what pig lady might have done had someone thrown a few ears of field corn up on the stage.

  • Punky

    ………Oh my God….can’t stop laughing hysterically….the faces…the BINGO arms flapping….

  • sarah

    What. The. EFF?

    Scary is right. Good Lord.

  • Anonymous

    You got a purty mouth!