Bunny sent this to me today, and I am SO IN LOVE with this video. It’s the most cheesetastic cheesariffic hunk of cheeseocity. I can’t stop watching it. Dancin’ Kim is so totally rad, with her rad dancing moves and Carly Simon smile.

If you are in a bad mood, you won’t be after you watch this. It’s impossible.

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  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Hahahaha! I needed a quick break from working and this clip was just what I needed. đŸ™‚

  • cas-96

    TEE HEE! I always wanted to learn the running man and now I know. My dancing knowledge is complete now!

  • Nancy

    I do not remember this move in the clubs I frequented in the 80’s, and I think I would have remembered this!

  • monty_ca

    Her tutorial on how to do the “Thriller” dance is a *lot* better. But I lurves me some Dancin’ Kim!

  • Sunshyndrmr

    are her shoes about 4 sizes too big for her feet? When she turns sideways they appear to be clown-like shoes

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    Now if only I can find her video on how to do the Roger Rabbit…

  • Zachary

    Sad thing is, I didn’t ever learn this. I do it all the time on my own.