Sister Wives – Anyone Watch?

Did you guys catch the premiere of Sister Wives earlier this week? The reality show about the dude in Utah (of course) with 3 wives, who’s about to add a fourth?

I loved the show, in much the same way as I enjoy any freak show. Like the shows about people who are covered with hair, or about people who only eat french fries, or Hoarders. I love them all.

The women on Sister Wives seemed surprisingly well-adjusted and, you know, normal. This is, of course, why they were chosen for a reality show. Because we, the audience, are expected to think, “Oh look! This is totally working for them, and so we should just consider this a normal, regular thing and accept it.”

I’ll admit it. There were moments where I thought, “Well, sure. They seem like lovely people who are making a very unusual situation work for them.” But then afterwords I found myself thinking, “This is wack. Not to mention, you know, illegal and stuff.”

And now, according to this, they’re being investigated by the police. The family says, “We are di$appointed in the announcement of an inve$tigation, but when we decided to do thi$ $how, we knew there would be ri$k$. But for the $ake of our family, and mo$t importantly, our kid$, we felt it wa$ a ri$k worth taking.

Yes. It’s ALWAYS good for kids to have a home filled with tv crews and cameras. Don’t you see how they HAD TO DO THIS? FOR THE CHILDREN????

Don’t you?

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  • Buckeye Bob

    I’ll probably watch this right after I watch Glee. 😉

  • http://[email protected] JMD

    I lived there, saw that, didn’t want the T Shirt…They can draw straws for who gets the headache

  • Just Sayin’

    What about the dude at the center of this freak show? How on earth did he convince 4 “relatively” intelligent women to put all their normal hopes, dreams and desires on hold to serve his ego (and purchase his hair supplies)? Did the Low Self-Esteem School bus let out at the end of his driveway?

  • bricejenn

    It’s kinda like a car wreck that you pass on the highway. You don’t want to watch but can’t help but look anyway.

  • Hatchetwoman

    Just Sayin, I took my mom and aunt to Utah to see the national parks, and as we drove through Colorado City, I informed them that it was known for polygamy. My aunt, a mild-mannered, generally quiet sort said, “Huh. You’d think it would be more populated.” This struck us as hilarious, and she said, “Seriously, don’t you think there are enough selfish men and stupid women that they would flock here?” We couldn’t disagree.

    As far as the brain-washing (“Oh look! This is totally working for them, and so we should just consider this a normal, regular thing and accept it.”) — it worked for the gays.

  • Zachary

    Hatchetwoman’s gay comment should officially be ignored from here down. I’m predicting FLAME WARS 2000.

    And flaming is just stupid.

    As for the show, I missed it but I wish I’d seen it. At least one episode. I’ve never even HEARD of it, but it sounds…interesting.

  • crabbyal

    Oh yeah, I wathced it. I am like you Mock, I love the freak shows! I can’t help it. There are a couple of things I can’t figure out though. Ok, he has 3 wives, and everything seems to have been working pretty good for them for like 16 years….What makes him decide he wants #4? Does he just see someone he is attracted to and make a move or what? And future #4 has been married before…what happened to that husband? And why do they get their feelings hurt over #4 but not any of the other 3? I guess I just don’t get it But I am afraid I will continue to watch! Oh, and on the cops thing, if he is only legally married to 1, are they really doing anything illegal?

  • Wiz of ID

    So, up until a few years ago, I had a friend and his dad IS a polygamist. I’ve met Dad numerous times along with both wives and all the kids. He actually owned a website at one point that would tell women why they should become a polygamist’s wife. Why? Because even if you get fat or old & gray, your husband WILL NOT leave you for a newer-younger model!! He will continue to support you and love you, WHILE he gets the newer-younger model. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. Anyhow, Dad had the 2 wives. One of them actually went to his website and emailed him about how INSANE he was and he ended up ‘converting’ and marrying her! He was determined to have children with each of them until he was no longer able to produce them, regardless of the damage it did to the wives or the other kids. They all lived in the same house, and he spent a week sleeping with wife #1, a week with wife #2 and then they all had a week alone. Last time I saw them, there were 7 children all under the age of 5. I went over with my friend for dinner. They ordered pizza. Dad actually sat on the couch with the pizza boxes on the table in front of him, and the wives on the other side of the table. He literally reached OVER the pizza boxes to hand them his plate to give him pizza and serve it to him. Both wives are very sweet people, but not the crayons in the box and they both had major self-esteem issues.
    It is the truest example of selfishness on the man’s part and it sickened me how he took advantage of both women. But, they got themselves into it and seemed happy, so who was I to question it? But ultimately, one wife escaped and was able to get a restraining order and full custody of the kids because dad was abusive and neglectful. Rumor is he is searching for wife #2, re-do.

  • cynthia

    Yes, I watched! Could he have shaken his glorious head of hair any more times?! So annoying! But, of course, I will watch again this week!

  • Just Sayin’

    Hatchetwoman, you had me right up until the gay swipe, but LOL to the aunt’s comments.

  • burning eyeballs

    Hatchetwoman has a right to her opinion. I also agree with her opinion, and ironically all the swipes prove it.