I Don’t Know Where This Is…

…but I am DYING to show up there just to see someone with an octopus.  You know they’d be all, “Oh crap.  I don’t have a ticket, but I DO happen to have an octopus!  What luck!”  And then they’d reach into their octopus-carrier and whip out their octopus and they’d say, “Here you go, ticket-taker person.  BEHOLD my octopus.  Now please allow me through the gate.”


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  • Buckeye Bob

    I bet the Octomom has something to show them.

  • http://davisdoll0$2yahoo.com JMD

    Make sure you insert it sideways

  • http://www.makingachangetohealthy.wordpress.com Sunshyndrmr

    I knew it was a smart decision to start carrying an octopus around in my bag

  • zippy

    I was going to guess Joe Louis Arena when the Detroit Red Wings are playing, but with the Japanese (or is it Chinese?) I guess not.

  • Anonymous

    This is in Hong Kong. Octopus is the name of a card that you fill with an amount of money so you don’t have to take out cash if you take a bus or a train

  • Buckeye Bob

    They used to have a card known as the
    “Direct Instant Cash Kard” (Card spelled with a K)
    But they had to stop using it. The same instructions using the acronym was causing a lot of ugly situations.

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