An Offering

This picture immediately made me think of all of the armpit lickers who visit The Mock Dock.  Only a handful of them have commented, mostly to rationalize their fetish, and honestly, I’m glad about that.  I don’t necessarily WANT to have a bunch of armpit licking people commenting here with regularity.

However, in the off chance that they click on the sponsor linkydinks on this site, which ends up making me $.000000072,  I felt compelled to provide them with this gift.  This armpit, which is clearly being offered up for licking.

You’re welcome, armpit lickers.  Keep clicking those ads.

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  • Rachel

    They’ve commented??!! And they have reasoning?! That’s weird…

  • Wendy

    Please link to the comments. I’ve never seen them & I’m morbidly curious…

  • Mockarena

    Just do a search here on armpit licking, and read any associated comments. You’ll see ’em!!! 🙂

  • sunnyAZ