Spiderman Has Kids

This isn’t camera magic, right? This is just incredibly acrobatic dudes who can scale walls. I am MESMERIZED by them. And I’m totally stressed out by the end of this video. WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO?????

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  • el pato

    free runners.
    most likely, he pulled his knees up and with a slight twist,
    tried to make the jump back to the wall.
    either that, or he took a major fall!
    they are fascinating to watch!
    usually have hands like leather from the callouses,
    and the joints take an incredible pounding.

  • Buckeye Bob

    In reality, I think it was part of the planned film. Makes for a good ending. Someone can then just open the window and let him in. Anybody see the fat cops chasing them?

  • sunnyAZ

    I’m tired just watching them!

  • Chris

    Also called Free Jumpers. There are places on the west coast that teach the technique. A friend’s son just returned from a session.

  • Sharyn

    Gives new meaning to Mom’s saying, “Who you running around with today?”

  • Buckeye Bob

    And sometimes they don’t make it. Ha, Ha!


  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Wonder how many collective heart attacks their parents have had!

  • Anonymous

    Red head dude very grafeful in the air and on landings. I suspect you should be as when you fall, and you will, your’e in for a hard landing.

  • ER

    Curious how many times he slammed into the wall before he got the hang of it?! 🙂

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    OMG the premise of XMen was right, there are mutants among us!!

  • WakeUp

    It’s kind of like this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N6G0OFpmIE

    Not! LOL