Salma Hayek Would Like You To Remember That She Has Boobs

Duly noted, Salma.  Duly noted.

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  • Mikey

    -Looks like there might be enough pressure to result in cold fusion between those bad boys.

  • sunnyAZ

    What the hell…… looks like a little bug near her boobular area!

  • Buckeye Bob

    sunnyAZ, actually it’s nut a bug, it’s just two fly’s walking abreast

  • el pato

    salma IS a boob!

  • sunnyAZ

    OMG, BB! You are the bomb!

  • directorevil

    Just imagine if the photographer used a fisheye lens.

  • Anonymous

    And one more thing. Her unibrow removal maintenance is working.

  • Gail

    Is that a cockroach necklace??? WTF??

  • Rachel

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! You can’t type cockroach on here either! Cock, cockroach, cocktails, cockade, cockatiel, cocked, cockeyed, cockfight, cocky, cocklebur, cockney, peacock, poppycock…I could do this all night!

  • Gypsy

    And those boobs would like to introduce themselves to the camera, all she has to do is cough.

  • Cindy

    You know…I looked down, then looked at her, looked down, then at her. I’ve got those….I’m just not sure how to make them do that. And if I did, I’m afraid of obscuring my vision should I hit a pot hole while driving.