You guys, Daisy had SIX COP CARS at her house today. And we had a big giant IM exchange about the whole thing which, now that everything has calmed down, makes me laugh SO HARD.

You need to read it. It’s right here.

I’m totally going to facesmash Daisy’s ghost.

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  • LimeRockstars

    That is so crazy.. I had my own encounter with ghostly presences last night.
    My co worker and I were getting ready to leave so we went to the back room of our store and I turn to him and tell him that I feel really anxious and don’t know why. He joked around with me about it and i got serious and was like “No… I feel as if i’m dreading something, almost like something bad has/is going to happen.” Literally not even two seconds later we are walking through the door back to the main room and we hear one of our price scanners beep but it sounded REALLY far away. We both stopped dead in our tracks and just stared at each other.
    So we continued on our way back to the front of the store. As we were standing at the registers the price scanner went off again! Right after the scanner went off it sounded like someone was trying to open the door to the store, but there was no one there.
    We definitely got the heck out of there. And the weird part of it all.. as soon as I was out of the store.. the dread in my stomach lifted. Not looking forward to working tonight lol.