Emmy Fashion Review

I’ll be honest – I completely forgot about the Emmy’s last night. It wasn’t till this morning when I saw that clip of the intro that I realized I’d missed it. And yet somehow, I have SURVIVED.

I’ve had time to catch up on some of the outfits, and thought I’d share a few that were of interest.

I love how Tina Fey looks.  The dress is gorgeous, even if it IS kind of  hieroglyphics-y.

Lily Tomlin – I would almost understand this if the bottom part of the dress didn’t look like it had been shredded by the very zebra who lost its life to make this horrid frock.

I get that it’s hurricane season.  But I see no reason to have a dress made to point that out.  And if you’re GOING to have a dress made with a hurricane on it, why would you have the eye of the storm on your sidal area, and not somewhere more interesting, like right over your belly button?  I have no idea who this person is.

LOVE.  Glenn Close looks FABULOUS.

But you guys, LOOK at Rita Wilson:

She’s like the high priestess of frump.  But even more heinous are her shoes.  Look closely:

Which hotel had their lobby chandelier stolen to make these godawful things?

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  • Mikey

    I knew that you’d take note of the sidular hurricane dress (great for here in Florida). And I agree with you on Tina Fey’s dress.

    What do you suppose it sounds like when that woman attempts to walk in those chandelier shoes?

  • Mockarena

    Clinky. 🙂

  • sunnyAZ

    When we bought our home there was a chandelier much like the shoes pictured above in the kitchen and in the guest bedroom. Perhaps chandelier woman purchased them when I got rid of them.

  • Rachel

    The unknown blonde is Julie Benz — best known for playing Darla on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” She was also in the most recent “Rambo” movie.

  • Mikey

    Ms. Benz’s hurricane looks to be only a category 1. If it grows to become a category 3 or 4 it could get interesting.

  • Dani

    Julie Benz also played Rita in Dexter.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Mikey, a if it takes a path to the northeast it could be bigger news also.

  • Mikey

    Bob, as hurricanes require heat, moisture and low lying terrain, I’m forecasting a track to the southeast.

  • TeeGirl

    When I was scrolling through I thought Julie Benz had been shot in the side. How wierd is that dress?
    Tina Fey looks great!

  • directorevil

    Are Rita Wilson’s shoes fastened by band-aids?

  • burning eyeballs

    Mock nailed it, except Tina Fey’s dress would look better without the train, but Rita is far worse, along with Lily.

  • Carolyn

    Poor Rita Wilson! She looks terrible! And those shoes look like bedroom slippers!