So yesterday evening, we had the TV on, and that new Snuggie Varsity commercial came on. It’s the Snuggie, only even more annoying. And after it ran, Mini-Mock said to us, “I want a Snuggie.”

I said to him, “No, Mini. Snuggies are dumb.”

And Mini said, “But I want one.” And I looked at him and said firmly, “I said no. You can’t have a Snuggie.”

So he came over to me with his mad face, and he lifted his hand and slapped my thigh lightly in protest. His mad face is hilarious, because he grits his teeth and you can tell he’s just FUMING, but at the same time he tries to contain it, and he ends up looking ridiculous. Especially when you know he wants to hit something/someone out of pure frustration. He knows he can’t, and so he uses every ounce of energy he has to hit, without actually hitting, so that his hit feels more like a light tap. Still, I knew he MEANT it to be a hit, and so I said sternly, “Mini- did you just hit me??!?”

And that’s when he flashed his sweetest smile, and said, without missing a beat, “No, mommy. I was high-fiving your leg!”

Now I ask you. How can I stay cross at him? EVER?

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  • Buckeye Bob

    Ahh, a quick thinker. I like that.

  • Sharyn

    Aren’t little guys just the best?, said the Mother of a former little guy. (now he’s all “growed” up and wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army!! Hoo-ah!!

  • Wiz of ID

    I have to say, I thought Snuggies were dumb, too. However, I LOVE my Boise State Snuggie. Mr. Wiz got it for me last Christmas – along with a matching one for Mommy Wiz – and I can’t get enough of the thing. Our nephews fight over who gets to wear it and our Siamese cat will only lay on my lap if I have the Snuggie on. Therefore, I think Snuggie’s kinda rock. Just sayin’

    On a different note, this Snuggie-wearing fan respectfully requests a picture of Mini’s mad face if it can be caught on camera. 🙂

  • Mockarena

    Wiz – I would LOVE to be able to show it to you, but the truth is, he’s rarely mad, and when he is, it’s for a fleeting second, and impossible to capture on film. HOWEVER, here’s one from when he was just a few months old which has always cracked me up!


  • http://http// Zachary

    Snuggies rule. I have a tan one. That said, they’re also really stupid.

  • Nancy

    Quite the charmer! Hard to resist!

  • el pato

    o.k, have to admit, my husband told me he wanted one last year.
    he got it for christmas.
    he loves his too.
    told my mom about it and she wanted one too!
    so, yeah, i got her one too.
    (but she’s 83, so it’s o.k)
    i kept telling them that it’s just a robe put on backwards,
    but they still love them!
    think i’ll stick with my robe.

  • Hatchetwoman

    I bet Mel Gibson wishes he’d thought of that. “I was just high-fiving your face!”

  • el pato

    btw, mock, you do realize what a little heartbreaker he is going to be when he grows up, right? that picture in the tux is just too much!! what a doll!

  • Wiz of ID

    Just for Mock-Wiz & mommy Wiz in our matching Snuggies on Christmas morning. They. Are. Awesome.

  • Cousin-in-law

    I am going to eat him up this weekend! Can’t wait to finally meet him. Just the thought of it makes me giddy!

  • MissJack

    I am a snuggie fan. (as ashamed as I am to admit it) My father-in-law-of-sorts made fun of them forever when he saw the commercials, but we all knew he would use it to death…so for Christmas 2008 i ordered him one. (before they were in EVERY store out there). it came with an extra one which he, in turn, gave to me. It is NOT like a robe backwards bc i had a giant robe i tried to use the same way for years that didnt work the same way being as small as it is. he now refers to his snuggie as “the kiss of death” because he cannot use it without falling asleep within minutes. dorky as they are, dumb as they seem, they are pretty great:)