YOU GUYS! The shoes have arrived! The ones that I ended up getting for $9.99 from ebay!!! The ones I told you about right here! And they are PERFECTION. And in black already, so I don’t have to mess with dye or any of that nonsense. They are ready-to-wear.

I promised pics. And they are below. You know what cracks me up? I was thinking that I better write, “Ignore the mess in my closet and the fact that I haven’t vacuumed it yet this weekend” and then I realized that the entire community of mockdockers not only knows what the inside of my closet looks like, but you all know that it’s perpetually messy, too. And oddly, there is something strangely comforting about that.

Anyway, ignore the mess in my closet. And ignore the fact that I haven’t vacuumed yet this weekend. JUST LOOK AT THE SHOES, and how they can totally go with fancy dresses or dressed down in jeans. THEY ARE PERFECTION.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I love shoes. Especially when they’re $9.99. 🙂

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  • sunnyAZ

    Those shoes are totally awesome! Enjoy!!! I just finished vacuuming my closet than I treated myself to a glass of wine for my efforts. I LOVE Saturday!

  • Francisco Dreadful

    Nice… I love them.
    I can’t believe there are shoes for $9.99, either… gotta love it.

  • Mockarena

    SEE? One of my sassy gay friends says they’re nice, then they are OFFICIALLY NICE.

    Thanks Francisco!! 🙂

    And sunnyAZ – I had wine WITHOUT vacuuming. THAT is the way to do a Saturday. 😉

  • sunnyAZ

    Well Damn! I need to hang with you!!!

  • Kelly

    You know, I hate to say it, but I think I like them better in blue. Anyway, congrats. And $10 is free.

  • Mockarena

    The blue was gorgeous for sure, but I just don’t think it would have been as versatile. With exactly that color blue dress though? MEOW. 🙂

  • Francisco Dreadful

    That’s very true. Black usually goes with everything, and that’s why I always choose that color, not just for shoes, but clothes in general. Besides, I think black looks more classy than the other colors, but that’s just me.

    But the good thing is that for 10 dollars, you might as well just get them in blue, if you want 😀

  • Nancy


  • Punky

    I love them! Are they comfortable? Can you dance in them?

  • Sharyn

    Mock, My 10 year old fashionista in training granddaughter and two of her BF’s wore my blue ones ALL night Saturday night as they raided my closet and jewelry boxes, fussing over which one got to wear the “blue ruffily shoes”. I was treated to an awesome style show with every outfit adorned by the blue ruffily shoes, so I have to believe that the blue ones go with everything as well! Love.