Antoine Dodson Is My New Favorite Person Of The Day

Just wait till the one minute mark. SO GREAT! If I am ever attacked by anyone, I want Antoine Dodson around for protection. LOVE.

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  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    He totally needs his own reality show. Hilarious!

  • jojofofo

    What is Chris Rock doin’ out there?!?!? I didn’t know he had a sister!

  • Nancy

    Love Alabama!

  • Francisco Dreadful

    OMG!… the girl’s hair at 0:34

  • R

    Who needs a Sassy Gay Friend when you’ve got a Sassy Gay Brother? I love him!

  • Zachary

    That’s my state. Represent.

  • Hatchetwoman

    That guy is the most entertainment I’ve had in a while. And you know, he’s got just the right attitude. People who do this kind of crap like feeling powerful, and like thinking that they’re smart and others are afraid/impressed. I wish the news would report it the same way that this guy described the perp: You are so DUMB!

    I can picture a newscaster: “Next on the news: Some total loser who can’t get a date decided to try to force himself upon a woman. Unfortunately, she kicked his ass, police have his fingerprints, and she describes him as a teeny=weeny peenie. Back to Kirk now. Kirk, are we going to have another gorgeous day?”

  • sunnyAZ

    Hugs, Hatchetwoman!

  • Hatchetwoman


  • Sondra

    Not trying to make assumptions here, but… I seriously want the brother as my Sassy Gay Friend!

  • el pato

    i LOVE this guy!!
    (and i want to see his hair!!)

  • burning eyeballs

    I don’t know what is funnier…the comments or the video!

  • WakeUp

    The news station that reported the story SO NEEDS to hire Antoine… God knows I’d stay up to watch him report the news 🙂