A Quick Shoe Update

Hey, remember last week when I told you about that pair of shoes from Kohl’s that I wanted? And how Daisy convinced me to order the blue ones and just dye them black? And how I went ahead and ordered the blue ones?

Yeah. This is the email I got from Kohl’s this weekend:

We’re sorry, but we’ve modified Order Number 48#### for the following reason(s): 48####?!?!?: System Cancellation. Your changes are reflected in the Order Summary below. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Any Kohl’s Gift Card(s) you used for this purchase have been restored to the value they held prior to this order (see details below). Additionally, your credit card has not been charged for the cancelled item(s).

Can you even believe that? So what they were basically telling me is, “Hey Mock! We know you were going to try and sneak dye these shoes, and so you can suck it. We’re not sending them to you.”

So you know what I did? I looked on ebay and found a pair of display ones, IN BLACK, for $9.99. In my size. Miraculously. Now, it says that there are little holes drilled in the bottom (where the security/display tag thingy gets attached) and that one of the heels is slightly scuffed, but in the pictures they looked fine, and they were TEN DOLLARS, and so I bought them.

I will alert you when they arrive, because I know that right now, my shoes are All. You. Can. Think. About.

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  • http://zackapalooza.wordpress.com/ Zachary

    This and the last post about the shoes are hilarious. I read them to my mother.

  • The Captain…

    I’ll be waiting with breathless anticipation…

    …anybody know where I left the breastpump? I just ruined this Dolce Gabbana outfit.


    The Captain…
    Loyal Defender of Daisy, Dandelion and Clan Mock

  • Mockarena

    Silly Captain – that’s Dolce & Gabana.

  • The Captain…

    It’s a knockoff from Target, Mock.

    The Captain…
    Loyal Defender of Daisy, Dandelion and Clan Mock