You Know What This Made Me Think Of?

It made me think of that time when I got that HUUUUUUGE zit on my chin.  Remember? I’m not kidding you.  It kind of looked like the GIANT PROTRUBERANCE that this idiot voluntarily implanted into her head.

What in the holy hell is wrong with people?  That whole body modification/alteration stuff is completely stupid and totally hideous, and I feel kinda bad for making you see that picture, so here’s a happy meerkat:

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  • Francisco Dreadful

    I know this girl!!… well, not personally, but I’ve seen her before and I respect her decision to look like that, because I think we’re all free to … nah, who am I kidding? she really IS an idiot, and I obviously judge her for that. I mean, she’d probably a decent looking girl if she hadn’t done all those things to her face.

    She even has a fan page on facebook and sadly, her fan page clearly states that she’s from my country (yay). Here are some more pictures of her:!/pages/La-Negra-modified-goddess-from-Argentina/356067138342?ref=search

    Anyway, the meerkat is sooooooo cute <3

  • R

    That studded bracelet she’s wearing? It’s not a bracelet! I have to go breathe into a paper bag now.

  • Nancy

    I didn’t get that this is a woman…wow…to each his or her own. I just don’t get the lifetime commitment of this type of alteration.

  • sunnyAZ

    Thanks for the meerkat!!!!!

  • Punky

    I’d love to know what she does for a living.

  • Francisco Dreadful

    I don’t know what she does for a living, but I found a very disturbing video of her perfoming some kind of ‘torture show’ in front of an audience. I won’t provide any links and be grateful for that, haha. It wasn’t really torture, it was…. I don’t know what it was really.

    People freak me out.

  • BenderJ
  • JL

    Bender, you beat me to it!!! I saw that guy yesterday. They’re almost like twins!!!

    Seriously, ick.

  • burning eyeballs

    Proof that there is aliens among us.

    Love the meerkat though.

  • WakeUp

    Wow… What traumatic childhood event would move a person to believe they need to do thins sort of thing to themselves?

  • Bertl

    Look at the earlobe, it’s going to break any second!

  • Tina

    My teenage son grew a big bump like that on his forehead last year. We had it surgically REMOVED!!! (The poor boy felt very self-conscious about it, as his friends stared when they noticed it.)

    What idiot would purposely put what looks like a cyst INTO their skin like this?? And that earlobe, ready to rip in half any moment…ew!