If he would have just done the Nancy Kerrigan “Whyyyyy” scream, this would have been totally perfect. Although, the kids lunging at the window made up for that, really.

Warning: Naughty language and crazy insane dude.

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  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Totally lost it when the kid stuck himself to the window!

  • Nancy

    I felt like doing that when locked out of a store Monday night, 20 minutes prior to their posted closing time…..BUT I didn’t…he got scary when being filmed…I would have turned off camera.

  • Tina

    Woah! Call the men in white coats and put this guy in a padded cell!!

  • Jim

    This was probably the past weekend when the G20 and G8 confabs were held in TO and there were a lot of rear ends demonstrating and rioting, burning cop cars and busting windows. From the look of him he was a rear going about demanding his right to anarchy and when he was anarched he didn’t like it. Do a little riot, do a little shopping..

  • mikey

    “have the police cut off my balls”

    Well……maybe just taser him in the balls. That would at least give him a legit reason to scream Whyyyyy?

  • sunnyAZ

    Woah, what an a-hole!

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Did you guys click on the link to the old guy dancing to Lady Gaga? It is awesome – he’s adorable: http://www.todaysbigthing.com/2010/06/28

  • mga

    canadians…..go figure.

  • JL

    UM…maybe it was 7:01???

  • Marisa

    Yes, Reminiscent_of_Purple, I saw that. It reminded me of a guy I know named Darron. Go figure 😛

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Ha ha, funny Marisa. I guess I know what my husband will look like in 40 years. 😛

  • Wiz of ID

    Holy crazy! This guy is nucking futs!! But, he is also extremely entertaining in that way that you MUST-continue-to-watch-to-see-what-he’ll-do-next-though-you-know-it-will-just-be-more-insane kind of entertainment.