In Case You Were Wondering Whatever Happened To Ruth Buzzi…

…she apparently found the fountain of youth and is now teaching country hip-hop.

Fringe, jorts, red tennies – she’s got it all, and then some.

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  • Buckeye Bob

    I was embarrassed to watch it and I was by myself. I would have rather someone walk in and catch me watching Geriatric Midget porn than to be seen watching that.

  • JL

    That is “Zumba” on drugs….

  • el pato

    this is just so sad. like some show that is on at 3a.m.
    and where did they get those clothes? just sad.
    and bob, you are responsible for my first ever spit take on my compy screen!! you rock. :o)

  • burning eyeballs


    I’m with BB! I am also embarrassed for this woman who did this video…

  • CBinTtown

    The running man and the roger rabbit! Alright!! I’m back in the 9th grade!!

  • ER