Do. Not. Want.

Why is he so angry at that bottled water?

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  • Buckeye Bob

    Well we know it’s not the women he’s having to beat off.

  • Rachel

    I had a shirt like this in college. It said “Pistols” on the back.

  • crazy52686

    He’s Popeye the Sailor Man as an old man!! See kids, spinach isn’t magic!

  • sunnyAZ

    Nightmares tonight……thanks, Mock!

  • green eyed girl

    Bob!… seriously… you crack me up. As for this sexy guy, he needs to put his teeth in.

  • WakeUp

    Santa has an evil twin?

  • burning eyeballs

    He looks like a dried up apple.


  • WakeUp

    What’s scary is that this guy makes a little extra cash between Thanksgiving and Dec 24th by propping tots up on his lap and listing to them whisper in his ear…

  • Christi

    This was posted a while ago, but I just found this. And it’s scary as hell. There goes my nice, uninterrupted sleep…