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I cannot tell you how much I loved the first Old Spice commercial with this dude. And Old Spice Commercial v.2.0 is just as good.



If he would have just done the Nancy Kerrigan “Whyyyyy” scream, this would have been totally perfect. Although, the kids lunging at the window made up for that, really.

Warning: Naughty language and crazy insane dude.

You Know What I Love?

I love when I get an opportunity to make someone feel good when they weren’t expecting it at all. That is SO FUN. It’s way more fun for me, in fact, than I think it is even for the person I’m making feel good. Case in point, you remember the story of KT the Breakfast Waiter. I mean, how fun was that, right?

Today, I got to make an unsuspecting person feel good again. And even better, I brought attention to how much of a heinous beast Ashley Judd is all at the same time. Talk about win/win!

So you know how Ashley’s been on her anti-coal-mining kick lately? And she’s been crying and carrying on at various events about it? Well, a school teacher in Kentucky named Janette Jude wrote an open letter to Ashley, which I posted at my other site (along with some a few observations of my own, natch). 😉 And people really responded to this letter, because it’s freaking AWESOME. And so I thought to myself, “Self – you need to figure out a way that Janette Jude can see this post, and all of the great comments on it, because that will make her feel good.” So I found Janette on Facebook, and sent her a message along with a link to the post. And Janette wrote back and was super happy about it, and even commented on the post herself to thank everyone for sticking up for her.

And now over 330 people have clicked the “like” button at the bottom of that post, which means it’s going up on those 330 facebook profiles, and hopefully tons more people see it than might have been otherwise possible. AND, the editor of Coal People Magazine commented that he wants to reprint her letter in their next edition, and give her a free subscription. TELL me that’s not the most awesome thing ever!!

I’m so happy for Janette Jude, even though I don’t know her, because her letter was amazing and perfect and because she’s getting lots of COTR and FB attention from it now. And I’m happy that I got to help do that.




The Britney Spears clothing line is coming out. And her jeans are really really cool, you guys, because they’re faded.

You should totally buy her clothes, because she can draw hearts really well.

Marketing fail.

I Can’t Mock This

Normally, I would be ALL ABOUT mocking Carnie Wilson, what with her doing stupid crap like having gastric bypass surgery ON LINE and whatnot.  But this is one of the most flattering plus-size dresses I have ever seen.  In fact, it’s one of the most flattering ANY size dresses I have ever seen.  I want one.

You know, because I have so many occasions I could wear a dress like this to.

Do. Not. Want.

Why is he so angry at that bottled water?

Inappropriate Toy Packaging

I feel dirty even posting this.  So here are some puppy butts:

In Case You Were Wondering Whatever Happened To Ruth Buzzi…

…she apparently found the fountain of youth and is now teaching country hip-hop.

Fringe, jorts, red tennies – she’s got it all, and then some.

Obviously, I’m Going To Need A Deer Now.

I need my own deer and I need a cat that my deer can lick. And I need my deer to take lick-breaks where he forgets about the cat and comes and cuddles with me on the couch while I watch So You Think You Can Dance.

It’s still my birthday month, mockdockers. Maybe you all can chip in?

If You Hate Cats…

…then this will make you hate them more. If you like cats, you might like them less after this.

This cat gives me the heebies.

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