Product Watch!

We’ve all been there.  You’re leaving the house, and you need to take your cat along, and you’ve got no convenient way to carry it.

Well, finally there’s a solution.  Mockdock love to the person who thinks of the best name for this fabulous cat holster product.

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  • Buckeye Bob

    OK, you knew you would get some “bad” names when you asked so here goes.

    Pussy Pocket (of course not to be confused with the Pocket Pussy)

  • Punky

    Portable FUPA

  • WakeUp

    Pussy Deluxe

    Cat Holster

    Cat Rack

  • Cousin-in-law

    Kitty Caddy?

  • WakeUp

    Puuuuurfect Pet Pouch

  • Nancy

    LOVE Kitty Caddy!

  • Nancy

    Puss N’ Belt.

  • Mallory

    Fanny Cat Pack (i.e. The new and improved Fanny Pack.. with a cat)

  • sumkindoflife


  • green eyed girl

    Hey Nancy, crack me up! Dare I say…. Pussy Pouch.

  • Annie

    It would be interesting to watch him:

    1. putting the cat in the carrier
    2. hitching it to himself
    3. taking a walk with said feline
    4. releasing the cat from self and carrier

    without getting scratched or bitten.

    Notice how he is leaning back away from the claws? Kitty may be temporarily disoriented, but just wait.

  • daTaTae


  • cas-96

    pussy sling

  • el pato

    we’ve all heard of the ‘puddy tat’, i.e, sylvester.
    this is the ‘puddy tote’
    or, ‘puddy tat tote’

  • Tish

    Pussy To Go



  • Anonymous

    Oh! How ’bout:




  • ER

    PortaPussy – that’s hilarious!

  • Nancy

    puddy tat tote – very funny!

  • Mockarena

    I gotta go with Kitty Caddy. 🙂 LOVE!

  • Cousin-in-law

    No WAY! I won!?!?!?
    I receive your love and send it right back you.