Clearly, I Am Being Punished.

Ashley Judd’s husband won the Indy 500 today.  And if that isn’t painful enough, I was THERE to see it.

I think it’s because I laughed at this.

Update:  This photo makes me feel better somehow:

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  • LimeRockstars

    I just want to say that my hatred for this woman has grown exponentially. I thought that her skipping down pit lane while another driver was involved in a HORRIFIC crash was insanely classless. Boo Ashley Judd. Just my opinion though..

  • BeeCharmer1972

    Did you sit next to the queen? It’s okay – you can admit it. I for one would be absolutely overwhelmed by horrified fascination. Hard……..look…..away. (sob)

  • Mockarena

    Did you guys see her waving at the crowd while she was skipping down pit lane? And kissing the bricks? And sitting on Dario’s car? It was ALL ABOUT ASHLEY.


  • jim

    Avoid watching the Victory Lane celebrations at all costs. The only high point was when someone grabbed the back of her dress and yanked her out of the scene, but only for a minute

  • Nancy

    He won because of her. She thinks.

  • Fins

    I am with you Mock. I had to run errands, and came home and asked my husband who won. You know what he had the NERVE to say? “Ashley Judd’s husband”. I hate everyone tonight. 🙁

  • Miss Holly

    I cannot think of ANYTHING, anything remotely resembling, ANY type of comment, riddled with enough hate & venom to, not make, but SPEW right now. I hate her that much.

    Oh, and not to worry Mock, I have an entire stadium of seats in hell in my name for passing along THAT video (wailing guy) to, like, EVERYONE I know (and they told two friends, and they told two friends and so on…) So, yea, look for me…

  • Johnny C.

    I’m sorry, Mock. I’d hope that the engine fumes would give her a unique sort of cancer, but then she’d be all over TV advocating the banishment of the automobile. Perhaps you could just arrange for her death? If you’ve got $50 I know a guy in El Paso. Just kidding!

  • S.B.

    Because of your punishment, the rest of the innocent (us) will have to suffer. What next for her? A Nobel prize? (Sorry, they give that to anybody)

  • Jethro

    Unusual for Ashley to want attention on herself. Gee, wouldn’t it be horrible if she tripped and fell on her face while skipping along pit lane. I hope someone has a camcorder at the ready when that day arrives Mock.

  • Mockarena

    You and me both, Jethro!!!