Ashley Judd has just received her master’s in public administration from Harvard, which means that she’s going to be more insufferable than ever, and will, in all likelihood, run for office at some point.

I think she needs bigger sunglasses.

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  • WakeUp

    God help us.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Another community organizer.

  • Brooke

    I just discovered the Ashley section of the Kohl’s site this morning (click on the ‘Ashley’s Looks’ link to see Ash in various makeup/hair styles):


    Even on the Kohl’s site, she sounds ridiculous:
    “Feel the magic of beautiful flowers”-Ashley Judd


  • beezus

    It’s all fun and games until Lizard Face misses her nap.

  • mga

    i thought she just started a few months ago….how did she get a degree so fast?

    did i miss something?

  • april

    mga – if they are on a trimester system and she attends full time, she could feasibly get her masters in 9 months. i did it in 9 months, but my classes just happened to all fall into place

  • Jethro

    Looks like you guys in the U.S will have another actor / politician.
    The wolves will vote for her. Don’t think the human unborn will be too happy.

  • BeeCharmer

    I’m sure she explained to the powers that be that she has an intrinsic, elite talent that allows her to obtain a degree faster than anyone else on the planet. She would not allow any organization that she has graced with her presence to fail to appreciate her special gifts, her unrivaled compassion and empathy – her complete and total immersion into self-aggrandizing activities with a studied eye toward her constant need to be noticed, admired and even worshiped. No doubt everyone on campus was alerted to the great and awe inspiring Ashley Judd’s need for ten to twelve hours of sleep a night so that she could continue to rise, unparalleled above the mere mortals that make up the faculty and student body of such an august and respected institution of higher learning that she, the great Ashley could lower herself to matriculate thence without the complete and utter destruction of her reputation and power. Harvard, I’m sure, is just barely good enough in Ashley’s exalted mind to be permitted to provide her with the education she needs to maintain her self-indulgent, gluttonous pursuit of her own happiness and self-worship. Imagine – just try to imagine – the complete and utter smug self-satisfaction that she may now drop into every interview and conversation the doubtless thirsted-after knowledge of the completion of the perfection of Ashley. No one anywhere she decides to be (light up) will ever be allowed to remain ignorant of her accomplishment of perfection.
    Let us all fall on our knees in shame that we will simply never be good enough. Thank God she showed us poor pathetic peasants the portrait of her perfection that we may thirst no more for the countenance of her completion.

  • mga

    lol, BeeCharmer…but, don’t most actors feel that way?

    unfortunately, we have a society full of idiots who idolize them.

  • Hannah955

    Ok, I’m writing this two years late but I have to hold Mockarena to a higher journalistic standard than this.

    Because, Ashley Judd has managed to convince everybody that she got a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, which she didn’t, and Mockarena has inadvertently propagated that lie! (But I still love you, Mock.)

    Let me explain. And this will help you to understand why she took less than a year to “graduate from Harvard.”

    The Kennedy School of Government does indeed offer an MPA. This is an academically rigorous program that takes a full two years to complete. It is intended for people who plan to go into careers in public service. Only 20% of those who apply to the Kennedy MPA program are admitted.

    Now, Kennedy also offers something called an MC/MPA. This is the Mid-Career Masters in Public Administration. It’s a one-year program (well, nine months actually). It has a 50% admission rate. Yes, it is two and a half times easier to get into than the two year program. And it caters to people who are well-established in their own careers (read: rich) and – not to sugarcoat it too much – want to buy a degree from Harvard with a minimum of inconvenience. Not to insult her fellow students, but it’s kind of a vanity degree. I call this program Harvard Lite.

    It drives me nuts that two years later, NOBODY who interviews her, none of the sites that give her biography, get this right. Including a speakers’ bureau that advertises her speechifying services at a minimum of $50,001 a pop. Who, presumably, got her biographical details directly from HER.

    Oh, and in her biography, not released when Mock posted this entry, she talks all about her time at Harvard, and actually refers to her grades, and mentions – in these words: “the two professors who had the audacity to give me a B+” – I think she did the verbal equivalent of a smiley face in there to pretend she wasn’t serious but we all know she was pissed that she didn’t get straight A’s.

    Of course, in some miracle of suckitude, she somehow won a Dean’s Award for a paper she wrote for a class she took at Harvard Law. Which goes to show that Harvard scholarship ain’t what it’s cracked up to be!

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and in a recent tweet she referred to Harvard as her alma mater. While not technically incorrect, it is beyond pretentious.