Your Thursday Vixen

I want to know what possible purpose these thigh highs are serving.

Sorry guys, from the looks of her hand, she’s taken.

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  • Nancy

    The thigh highs look like sausage casings.

  • sunnyAZ

    Nancy, sausage casings——–AWESOME!

  • CW

    I like her hair though!

  • Jen

    the engineering that goes into making high heels amazes me. Think of how much weight those tiny litte things are supporting! How many chair legs crumble where a heel still stands?

  • Buckeye Bob

    Nancy, Don’t they usually grind the pig up before stuffing it in the casings?

  • Punky

    I think watching her struggle to put those things on would be hilarious! Is she the daughter of Cletus and his wife from the American Idol meltdown in the post above?

  • beezus

    I like everything above her beard of fat. Her husband should invest in chains and a strong padlock for the fridge and cupboards.