Holy Awkward

I haven’t watched American Idol this entire season, you guys. That is HUGE, because you know what a superfan I was. But no one interested me, and without Paula’s drunken antics it just didn’t seem like as much of a draw.

Until last night’s season finale. She reappeared, and her entire appearance was SO FULL OF AWKWARD. Just watch.

PS – Bret Michaels showed up too, even though he’s all aneurisimified and diabeetus-ified and stroke-ified and whatnot.

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  • ER

    The last time I saw American Idol it was the year Clay Aiken came in 2nd. I can’t even remember the name of the guy who won!

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    That was PAAAINFUL to watch! I think I heard crickets in the background at one point! I have a feeling this show will tank now that Simon’s gone. I haven’t watched it in 3 years, because I really got into So You Think You Can Dance, which starts tonight! Yay!!! I hope Mia Michaels is back this year.

  • Penelope

    I could not make it to the 2 minute mark.I probably would have watched this show had it not been for her.I tried a couple of times but could not get past her.The sad thing is when I was a teenager she was my idol.

  • CBinTtown

    “…none of them hold a candle to you, Simon!”

    **insert crickets here**

  • Tish

    I felt embarrassed for Paula and sorry for Randy, Ellen, Kara and Simon since they had to work so hard to pretend that Paula didn’t suck when she did. Total awkwardness!

    I will check in next season to see what it’s like. I’ve been addicted to American Idol for years. The only year I didn’t watch it was the year Clay Aiken was in it. In any event, I can’t imagine it’ll be any good with Simon gone.

  • http://www.darioinfini.com King Of All Photographers

    Huh. Thats weird. I thought it was quite charming and sweet. And I havent even watched this show in years. I can tell you the exact moment when this show jumped the shark. The crest of the jump when the shark’s gruesome maw was at its widest was when this guy auditioned. Its been a long downward spiral since then.