And The Winner Of The “Most-In-Need-Of-A-Hobby” Award Is…

…this total wackjob American Idol fanatic, whose life is apparently ruined because America voted wrong.

Warning: her language is NSFW, because she’s a lunatic.

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  • Anonymous


    She thinks her life is ruined because Crystal didn’t win. I think her life was ruined when her boobular area got so gigantic that they touched her knees when she sat down. I don’t know though.

  • babyluv

    I’m loving the half-naked dude in the background. You can tell he’s lived with her special brand of crazy for a looooong time because he’s totally unaffected by her behavior!!

  • Nancy

    She really needs to get a life.

  • Mallory

    I love how she says HER life is ruined as if this voting actually had an affect on her!

  • april

    i had to send this to my sister because i called her last nite after american idol and her reaction was a more muted version of this. i have a serious dislike for crystal bowersox and i dont know why, but i was trashing bowersox to my sis and she told me that she would disown me as her sister if i didn’t stop being “a hater”. this video totally made my day and reminded me of her.

    on that note, this lady is a lunatic!

  • Wiz of ID

    I’m with you, babyluv-I couldn’t stop watching the toothless yokel in the background laughing at her.

  • Sunshyndrmr

    this makes me laugh so hard. People are nuts! I’ve had shows end in ways that were disappointing but good God this reaction is just silly. I can’t believe taking something so serious as this. Ok, maybe if the runner up was her daughter or something but any other reason is stupid. And btw crazy lady, the runner up usually ends up with a contract by someone anyhow, so you’ll still get to be a lunatic fan!

  • WakeUp

    She needs to take a pill.

  • sunnyAZ

    Good lord she needs serious help!

  • CW


  • Jen

    I feel so bad for (I assume it was) her son. She is definately mockable….. I love that he was telling her it would be on youtube. but I can’t imagine the household with her as a mother figure and the naked loungy “i told you” dud as a father.

    And now my husband is wailing in the background “I hate you! My life is ruined!” Thanks. that will be his catch phrase for the next few days until you post another video.

  • Buckeye Bob

    She acted the same way in a restaurant when a waiter told her they were out of pie.

  • Punky

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Bob, that totally cracked me up!

    April – I stopped watching about 3 years ago, but my sister still is a big fan. She hated Crystal, because at some point she basically said that she was doing the show because she wanted the money. She said she’d never seen the show. My sister said she was irritated by the comment about the money, because the other contestants are there because it is their dream to sing, not necessarily just to make money. I was personally turned off by the dreadlocks. Ew.

  • Heather Garrison

    Holy crap! I can’t help but laugh at this woman… How pathedic! She is so full of hate for this poor Lee guy who just wanted to follow his dream. Geez. I love the husband in the back ground calmly say, “I tode you”. Classic.

  • burning eyeballs

    What’s the bettin’ she is one of those that 9/11 because McDonald’s was out of McNuggets.

  • april

    I basically boycotted the show a few seasons ago, but will turn it on every once and a while. This year, since Katie Stevens was our hometown girl and went to school with my cousins, I watched. I want to punch Bowersox in the face- she just seems so smug. I don’t deny her talent, but I just don’t like her— my sister would get so angry.

    I did post the video on my sister’s fb page and she reacted as I expected … “I hate you”.