Buckeye Bob sent me this photo in an email, and said he doubted I’d post it.  He obviously underestimated me.

I love the look on the chick’s face on our right.  She is so obviously unimpressed by leopard dude’s happiness to see her.

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  • CW

    i thought he was happy to see mr. thong

  • Tim

    Great mustache.

  • Hatchetwoman

    CW’s right — Mr. Happy is looking at Mr. Thong.

  • mommasue

    I agree with Tim and Hatchet, he is obviously happy, he is aiming right for it.

  • Anonymous

    Is that Florida on his hip?

  • sunnyAZ

    The whole thing just makes me giggle!

  • Rachel

    Definitely NSFW!!

  • WakeUp

    Yep… his happiness is definitely not for her.

  • Monica

    Haha, I like how he’s wearing a backpack because it’s OBVIOUS he has no pocket space.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Ans so Larry was proud to show how hard it can be waiting in line to get a drink at the beach.

    Or he was just pointing out the guy in front of him is wearing a thong.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all fun and games until you put some kids eye out.

  • el pato

    “that’s right, i’m pointing at YOU”!!

  • CW

    poke an eye out….lol

  • el pato

    you know what i just realized?
    (and i guess that’s a sad commentary on me!)
    as much hair as this guy has on his face and his head,
    he has no hair on his legs or nik-naks!
    so is he going for the freddie mercury look?
    he looks like he’s been freshly shaved.

  • Buckeye Bob

    I don’t know why but I just thought of that song from the 70’s called “Little Willy”

  • beezus

    He’s clearly asking her for directions to the nearest tanning salon.

  • Dani

    Is that a tattoo of Florida I see on his side? That would pretty much explain everything…