If You Laugh At This, You’re Probably Going To Hell. I Will Save You A Seat.

This is a clip from Intervention, which means that the crying dude and his crying son are going through some serious emotional stuff, and hopefully it all culminates with recovery from whatever addiction is plaguing the family.

But OMG, you guys. The dude’s wail is HILARIOUS.

And it gets better. Some completely BRILLIANT person decided to AUTO-TUNE THE CRY.

Tell me that’s not the most kickass thing you’ve seen all day.

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  • Tish

    I’ll see you in hell, Mock. I laughed, but in my defense, I only laughed at the second one. The first one made the tears spring forth, the I’m-gonna-cry-right-along-with-you type tears. So I’m not THAT bad, right?

  • Mockarena

    You’re definitely better than I am. So you have that. đŸ™‚

  • Tim

    Yeah. Hell awaits…I cried too. Tears of laughter…at both of them.

  • sunnyAZ

    I’ll bring the chips and salsa, we’ll have quite the party in hell!

  • Ta

    My hand-basket was designed long before this! Thanks for the offer of the seat Mock, but don’t bother… I’ve already got a condo booked! Wasn’t sure what to make of the first one… but I could swear that the father provided the soundtrack to Chewbacca’s wailing speech pattern! You may want to verify that with George Lucas.

  • burning eyeballs


    I laughed at both…Hell here I come.

  • el pato

    i’ll bring the margaritas!!
    see you all there!

  • mfish

    Thanks Mock for blazing the trail to perdition… first the Teenage Tourette Syndrome Camp – people thought I had an odd sense of humor then came then the Foreign Accent Syndrome – some of my more PC co-worker start disappearing as soon as they hear me start laughing, now this. I will be eating my lunch alone at work but I look forward to sharing my trip to hell with you fine people (I call shot-gun).

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Mock, I have a whole area roped off with a chair by the fire! You’re welcome to join me. Buckeye Bob too! The autotune version makes the guy sound like bagpipes!

  • Susie Switzer

    Yup, definitely worth the laughter!!!