Do you think in about, say, 10 years from now, that music videos will just be Actual Naked People having Actual Sex? I mean, I’m not trying to be a prude or anything, but seriously – it’s all about desensitization. Which means that a decade from now, it’s entirely likely that this video will be considered totally tame.


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  • mga

    you’re probably right…..but, what happens when sexual videos become boring?

    do we move onto something like real gladiators?

  • Veronica

    Dear Christina,
    I am sorry that your sad attempt at trying to be Lady Gaga sucked. Please do the world and the music industry a favor and don’t try it again.

    Lady Gaga is Queen
    All hail the Queen
    Everyone with a decent taste in music.

  • Jordon

    Would any responsible parent let their young daughter or son watch this? But they will see it anyway. There are no ethical parameters in this business-360 degrees.

  • CW


  • Rachel

    I tried to watch this earlier today before you posted it, but YouTube wouldn’t let because I wasn’t signed in to prove that I’m over 18. I figured I didn’t need to watch it in that case. (I actually really like Christina Aguilera, but I know you can’t make fun of me ’cause you like Britney Spears.)

  • Zachary

    This is senseless, useless, empty, inconsequential sex.

    Gaga’s sexuality is, at its best, used to get across a storyline (“Bad Romance”) and, at its worst, at least interesting (“Telephone” prison sequence).

    Christina Aguilera seems to be so focused on out-sexing her peers that she forgot to do anything else; this is shock art.

  • Bonequisha

    What must her daddy think???

  • Rachel

    Her daddy was an abusive jerk and provided the inspiration for several songs on her “Stripped” album. I don’t think she cares what he thinks.

  • Oh,

    Can you imagine the amount of therapy her kid is going to need in like.. 15 years when he sees videos like this and gets hard over it?

    Just a thought.

  • april

    for the record, Madonna was doing this 20 years ago– does anyone remember “open your heart”? she was a stripper and she ran away with a child at the end– the same little boy who wanted to get into the strip club to see her dance. It was risque for her time and Madonna was all about shock and awe. Guess who still has a career?
    Xtina’s video does tell a story if you listen to the lyrics “i’m out of character, i’m in rare form…tonight i’m not the same girl”. She is playing different characters that are not like the real her.
    I don’t think she is focused on outsexing her peers– look at her earlier stuff– “dirrrty”- she was trying to bust out of the disney mold. I hate the double standard- it’s ok if Gaga or Britney are overtly sexual, but the minute someone with God given talent like Xtina does it, she’s a whore and is just trying to be shocking.

  • janice

    This is how I know I am officially old. And conservative. I do think it’s too much – but then again, I don’t have to watch.

    I’ve always had the utmost admiration for her vocal talent – I don’t think there’s a sould that can compete with her overall range and ability to do flawless runs – I listen to a lot of her songs on the radio just to hear her uber-quality voice – but – I don’t actually like most of the songs.

    My concern these days is my 9 year old daughter – and this is precicely why she doesn’t watch any of this stuff. I think despite her playing a character, it’s just not necessary – just my 2 cents, as I said – team free speech – I don’t have to watch.

  • stellacinderella

    Speaking of Madonna, his entire video was a rip-off of numerous Madonna videos: “Vogue,” “Justify My Love,” “Express Yourself”. The least she could do is be original, like Lady Gaga or Madonna, rather than relying on the envelope-pushing of others…