Jessica Simpson: You Are A Moron.

She should really just stop speaking in public. I think that’d be best for all of us.

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  • Nancy

    No wonder men keep dumping her….dumb and gross.

  • Buckeye Bob

    A Party in her mouth? That would suck!
    I guess if anyone would know what a party in their mouth feels like it would be her.
    I also wonder when she has a party in her mouth, if it’s private or if anyone can come?

  • Nancy

    Think about her not brushing her teeth Bob….ew….

  • sunnyAZ

    Ewwwww, Nancy!

  • The Captain…

    You can’t talk like that about the woman I love!!! TAKE IT BACK, TAKE IT BACK NOW!!!!

    …no one understands us, Jess. No one understands us like we do…
    (creeply pets Barbie doll with “Jessica” written on in Sharpie)

    The Captain…
    Loyal Defender of Mockarena, Daisy and Dandelion

  • Ellie

    The Captain’s post reminds me of the movie The Safety of Objects. If you haven’t see it, find it and watch it.