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Junior Mock’s Prom

You guys, I think I can safely say that Junior Mock had a totally kickass time at his prom. 🙂

His school is closing next month, which really sucks because this means that this was his first and last prom. It’s the only prom for special needs kids, and so kids from other schools come to it, and now – it doesn’t appear that they will have anywhere to go in the future. Huge bummer.

ANYWAY, Junior Mock’s bus driver Donna made him a corsage, and Junior Mock’s caregiver J bought him his outfit, including the first tie he’s ever worn, and she and her mom were giving him a shower when I got home from work to get him all ready. Once we had him dressed, he just looked so completely handsome I could hardly stand it.  Here he is posing with J, his best friend in the whole wide world:

He’s only 13, but he’s a total stud.  I mean, let’s face it.  J is uber-hot. 🙂

Here he is with his brother:

The school did a great job with set-up.  The gym was decorated in a Hollywood theme, and there was a red carpet along the hallway, and each kid got to have their name on a star which was then placed along the red carpet, like the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.  Here’s Junior and Mini at the end of it:

Once we got inside, and the music was blaring and there were people everywhere who FLOCKED to see Junior Mock, he was in total heaven.  Look at the pure joy:

Mini-mock tuckered out pretty quickly, so he and I along with my mom headed home early and let Junior stay at his prom with J and her mom.  The moment Junior got home, I put him to bed and he was OUT.  He had such a good time. 🙂

And I know how you guys love his smile, because really – who doesn’t?  So here’s another pic just to show it off one more time:

Is he not the most handsome boy EVER???


Do you think in about, say, 10 years from now, that music videos will just be Actual Naked People having Actual Sex? I mean, I’m not trying to be a prude or anything, but seriously – it’s all about desensitization. Which means that a decade from now, it’s entirely likely that this video will be considered totally tame.



What in the holy hell is going on with this dude’s biceps?  And why does he look HAPPY about it?  His arms are going to explode at any moment, for crying out loud.


Here’s Hoping Mockdock Dreams Come True

I got an email today from an alert and astute mockdocker who had a dream about me and Robbie Williams.

That pretty much makes us insta-friends.

I’m reprinting the dream here in its entirety:

Been reading BOTH of your blogs recently and i think that is why it was in my head, but i had a dream that Robbie Williams was working at the register at a new target store in my area (which in reality is a kroger store) bc, his tour didn’t start till summer. I of course went right up to his register bc the pregnant 16 y/o. working the desk next to his was oblivious to his surroundings. So he does the whole “welcome to target did you find everything…blah blah bah” To which I coyly reply “why don’t you sing that for me, Sir?”
so He is all blushing, and modest and SINGS THE REST OF THE TRANSACTION discreetly and asks me not to tell anyone for fear of being recognized.
I do as I am asked and exit the store down a flight of stairs covered in brown shag carpeting like the house i grew up in, and THAT is when i see YOUwalking in the stroe. I know, in my head, (in my dream) that although Robbie might not get me those tickets to his show this summer for being so sweet and nice and adorable, but I also know that if Mockarena found out that a Mockdocker was alert and astute, and neglected to inform her of Robbie Williams working in the store she was currently entering, she would never forgive me. so i introduce myself
“hi! My name is MissJack, I read your blog, I know you have waiters sing to you so you wouldn’t be shy to ask also but I have to tell you Robbie Williams is WORKING in that store!”
So giggling and sqealing, and excitment ensue as we walk in and run up the stairs and we (natually becoming life-long friends) spend the rest of the day in a corner of the ladies department hiding behind a rack while you try to work up the courage to go up and say something without giggling like a 12 y/o girl.
….and that is when i woke up. Ill never know if you w ent up and met him. I am troubled by this for that reason alone and the fact that i NEVER remember dreams, and when i do, they arent comlete, but HOW could i have such a dream, and not send you an early-morning message? It can only mean one thing…We are meant to be life-long friends:)
thanks for the mocking…keep it up

Here is the only problem I have with this dream. In Actual Life, there is no way I’d ever have to scrounge up courage to go talk to Robbie Williams. On the contrary, you would have to freaking HOLD ME BACK from not full-on hug-assaulting him.

Then again, in Actual Life, Robbie Williams would not be working as a cashier at a Target.

Anyway, I loved this dream. Even though it didn’t culminate in me meeting Robbie and Mr. Mock agreeing to let Robbie be co-married to me. Even though.

This Is Totally Vomitastic

According to this, 72 year old Pearl Carter is having a baby (via surrogate) with her boyfriend.

I’ve told you my feelings on people that old having kids. It’s selfish and mean and horrible and wrong. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in this case. Because the man who will be the father figure in this baby’s life is Pearl’s grandson. AND THEY ARE A COUPLE.

I’ll wait a moment while you stop dry heaving.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Pearl had a daughter when she was 18, and gave her up for adoption. This daughter later had a son, and then unfortunately passed away from brain cancer. The son (Phil) decided to look for his grandmother when, basically on her deathbed, his mom told him about being adopted. After a 3 year search, he found Pearl, wrote her a letter, met her, and did the next logical thing – became her lover.

To my horror, the article goes into detail about what a fabulous sex life the two of them have together. To quote Pearl: “‘Living with Phil as my life partner has been amazing. He cooks and cleans and we make love three times a week. We can’t keep our hands off each other.”

And now they’re going to be parents. And grandparents. And great grandparents? I don’t really know. But the point is, they’re having sex and being a COUPLE.

Amazingly, they found a surrogate willing to have a baby for them. A picture of the happy little family is below:

Sick and Wrong.

Jessica Simpson: You Are A Moron.

She should really just stop speaking in public. I think that’d be best for all of us.

Come, Mockdockers. Come Be Dumber With Me.

This is the teaser for the season premiere? finale? I have no idea – of The Hills. And I Actually Watched the entire two minutes and 30 seconds, and then just to test myself, tried to do some math problems immediately afterwords. It’s official. This show destroys brain cells.

You’ve been warned. And encouraged. See? I appeal to everyone!

Holy Mother Of Eew.

Remember a couple of years ago when I told you about that dude who died and then was embalmed and propped up standing next to his coffin instead of, you know, being IN his coffin?

Well, apparently he’s started a bit of a trend.

Puerto Rico, no offense or anything, but y’all are weird about corpses.

Fashion Statement

This definitely makes a statement.  In fact, the statement it makes is probably on that pink t-shirt, and I am DYING to be able to read it.


You Know What Bugs Me?

So, if you live in or around the Indianapolis area, you know that we’ve been enjoying a mighty fine spring so far.  The weather has been pretty much awesome for most of the month of April.  And so when possible, I have been taking neighborhood walks after work to get some fresh air and listen to tunes on my ipod.

One of my most favorite albums to walk to is Britney’s Circus album (insert any number of jokes here).  And there is one song in particular, called Lace and Leather, which has a really nice beat for the tail end of my walk.  But here’s the thing.  Everytime I hear it, I get annoyed by the 2nd verse, which starts like this:

Heels, six inch make a boy want to bite his lip
Look but don’t touch unless you want to lose your innocence

And I know this is going to sound totally irrational, but it bugs the crap out of me that she says “Heels six inch” instead of “Six inch heels.”  I mean, there’s no rhymular issue which would be created as a result of constructing the sentence in a logical manner.  There is, in fact, no reason whatsoever NOT to say, “Six inch heels” instead of “Heels, six inch.”


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