You wouldn’t BELIEVE how fancy this whole affair was.  It was held at a swank ballroom in downtown Indy, and they had limos pulling up in front of the building with all of the EIGHTY SEVEN nominees, and there was a red carpet, and people were all dressed up, and the ballroom was absolutely beautiful, and each of the 87 nominees got a chance to walk up on stage and get their nomination certificate and shake hands with the mayor.  And then we were all served an unbelievably delicious dinner, which was not only super tasty but also beautiful to look at, so I took pictures of all 3 courses (salad, dinner, and dessert).  Because that is how geeked out I get at events like this.


BEHOLD THE MAIN COURSE (which I took a few bites of before realizing I’d forgotten to take a picture):

I mean, look at those veggies.  They were wrapped in a veggie bow, for crying out loud.  It was like a gift of veggies.


So, this was a big enough event that there were jumbotrons to look at since the stage was kinda far away.  I took this picture of the tv screen as KT was getting his nomination certificate from the mayor:

And this is a photo of the room before people were seated – SWANK!!!

Anyway, KT and training coordinator Melissa and I sat and ate and just marveled at the fancy-ness of the whole event, and KT said, “This is the most exciting night of my life.”

I could have burst into tears right then and there.

So then there were a few announcements, and then it was time to announce the winners.  We all realized as soon as the MC started talking about the first winner that OMG it was KT!!!! And so I whipped out my camera to start video recording it.  Melissa was taking still pics, and both of us were completely freaking out and shaking so her pics are blurry and my video is all jumpy and nausea-inducing.  But you still have to watch it because it is SO AWESOME.  KT sang in front of that huge crowd!!!  And he got a really awesome trophy and more handshakes/pictures with the mayor.  It was just completely fabulous and he was so totally sweet about it.

I’m just so happy I can barely stand it.

Here’s a picture of him with his fabulous new trophy:

You can see Melissa’s happy phone-hands in the bottom left corner – she was immediately texting everyone she knows to tell them the good news, which is precisely what I did too. But not before I insisted on a photo of me doing some facesmashing with the new Rose Award Winner!

How cute is he?  How much do you want to hug him when you look at this picture?

If this story doesn’t put you in a good mood, you are officially soul-less.  This is one of the best examples of good things happening to good people that you can get.  AND, the awards ceremony is going to be broadcast on local tv on the 20th!  YAAAY!


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