Mean Cat

EMBED-Cat Drops Monitor On Owner’s Face – Watch more free videos

Most painful 6 second video of all time. And the guitar? Talk about salt in the wound. JEEEZ.

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  • Rachel

    This is what I don’t get about videos like this — why was someone taping right then? Makes me think it was staged, a la “Jackass.”

  • Buckeye Bob

    It is a fake. First clue is no cords on monitor. After it falls the cats movement has a repeat in it. And the entire time it moves and falls and all the crashing noise, the cat never even looks in that direction let alone jumps or flinches.

  • Carol0717

    I agree with Buckeye Bob. The cat would have run the heck out of there with all that noise!

  • sunnyAZ

    I think Buckeye Bob is right on.

  • joe

    the cat doesn’t even care