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And Today, In Limber News…

And here I thought I was the only one who did this with street signs.  Who knew?

Exhibit 89: People Who Should Not Wear Mini-Skirts


How Much Do You Suppose This Job Pays?

And what do you suppose the required qualifications are which are listed in the job description?

I want to hear your suggestions for the job title.  GO!

“Validating Her Reality”

BEHOLD: The Faux French Intellectual talking about her role in The Tooth Fairy. You guys, this is a movie in which The Rock dresses in a fairy costume. This is not a serious drama. And yet, to listen to Ashley describe it, particularly towards the last 30-40 seconds of this clip, you’d think she was talking about the filming of a documentary on child behavior.


And On This Saturday Morning…

…I give you the latest installment of “You Know Who’s Probably a Virgin?  This dude.”

The Beckhams Celebrate 10 Years Of Marriage



While I’m reluctant to give any publicity whatsoever to those wackjobs at Westboro Baptist Church (of “God Hates Fags” fame), I found it completely hilarious that they claim to hate Lady Gaga SO MUCH that they listened to Poker Face at least 45 million times so that they could learn it well enough to create their own version of it for this “music video.”

What a bunch of freaks.

Mean Cat

EMBED-Cat Drops Monitor On Owner’s Face – Watch more free videos

Most painful 6 second video of all time. And the guitar? Talk about salt in the wound. JEEEZ.

Now YOU Can Be A News Reporter!

This totally gave me the glees. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


I can’t tell if the face has been added with photoshop after the fact or if she took the self-portrait that way, but either way, it’s kinda disgusting.  This chick has two separate midsections.

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