Flaaaayva Flaaaayv Sings A Ballad

With the help of some serious autotune, Flavor Flav sings straight from the heart in this deeply-felt, moving love song. (snort)


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  • sunnyAZ

    Double snort!!!

  • Tatertot

    I…can’t do it. I hovered the cursor over the arrow two days in a row, and Just. Can’t. Hit. Play.

    Perhaps I should change my name to Chicken McNugget, but I simply don’t have the fortitude to hear…whatever it is. I’ll look at landbeast private parts and sweaty cracks and LiLo, but not this.

  • deservepreserves

    Did anyone notice that instead of the 80s/90s boombox over the shoulder, Flavor updates to an iPod and iPod stereo system on his knee? Check it at 00:50 if you don’t believe me 😀