I Totally Love Her.

There is something so charmingly pathetic about this girl. I haven’t seen the movie Avatar, and can’t comment on how good of make-up tutorial this is, but the fact that she paints her gigantic face blue and puts black lines and white dots on it and then roars at the camera and then posts it for the world to see makes me want to be her friend.

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  • jenn

    Wait – she’s doing this to find a guy in a wheelchair with skinny legs? What?

  • Tina

    I would have to say she’s prettier than Rosie, whom you posted before her. She comes across as self-confident, too.

    I haven’t yet seen Avatar, but I want to. The special effects are what draw me to the movie as far as this one goes!

  • Sarah

    I think she is becoming somewhat famous for what she does, she has been on the George Lopez show and did makeup on Sandra Bullock to make her look like a “Cholo”. I am pretty sure she is joking, it is funny though

  • Anonymous
  • Megan

    This young lady is a very hilarious spoof actress. She has done many “makeup tutorials” that are purely for humor and not for instruction. As Sarah mentioned, she has become a little famous for her work.

  • el pato

    gloria shuri nava, she’s hysterical! :o)

  • deservepreserves

    Bahahha, I love her.

    And to Jenn, I think she’s referring to the movie. Jake Sully from the movie doesn’t have use of his legs and is in a wheelchair, and during one scene you can see how skinny and sad his unused legs are.