Freaks And Landbeasts Doing What Freaks And Landbeasts Do

Which is, of course, pushing each other around and wearing inappropriate clothing. I actually watched all 42 seconds of this. THINK of how productive I could have been otherwise.

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  • Dawn

    Wow, they wear out so quickly those landbeasts, at least the smaller one had the sense to walk away after she got taken out the first time!

  • jenn

    Um, yeah…now I have been known to attend shows where mosh pits form (Nitzer Ebb, anyone?) but nobody gets so tired…or helps each other up when they fall. What lameass band was up on stage, anyway?

  • Amy

    Ummm…that is one lame ass mosh pit. Landbeast or not. Pathetic.

  • Buckeye Bob

    WOW Thats HOT !