Update On Junior Mock And TMI

I don’t think I’ve told you guys that Junior Mock is having surgery again! This time, it’s not cutting any bone, which automatically means that it’s not quite as horrific, but it’s surgery and cutting nonetheless, which means it’ll suck.

On the 7th, he’ll be having his hamstrings cut (right behind his knees) and his hip adductors snipped as well. He’s unable to straighten his legs because of how impossibly tight those muscles are. This will be a permanent fix, so he’ll no longer have botox injections in his legs. During the surgery, they WILL put botox in his armpits and inner elbows, because those appear to be the new spots that his spasticity is really out of control. It’s become hard to get shirts on and off of him because of it, so hopefully this will provide some relief. For all of us. 🙂 Despite how serious all that sounds, he will only have to stay in the hospital overnight!

Here’s a pic of him taken on Christmas eve. Isn’t he like, the most handsome almost 13-year old you’ve ever seen?

And now, for the TMI part. On the 18th, I’m getting my uterus taken out!!! Recovery is going to suck – because even though it’s laparascopic there are three incisions involved. Listen how cool this is – they put a camera into the incision near my belly button, and then they slice a line on either side my pelvis near where my uterus is. And in one slice goes a vacuum thingy, and in the other slice goes like a microscopic machete – which goes in and cuts my uterus away from the ovaries and cervix, and then chops it up in a million pieces so that the vacuum thingy can suck it out. HOW COOL IS THAT???

Apparently, I have fibroids, and so my doc said I should just have the whole thing taken out. Which I am TOTALLY cool with, since it means I will never have periods ever ever ever again. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! 🙂

There is a guy I work with who is completely freaked out by any HINT of talk of female reproductive organs. I mean, he just wigs out. So you can imagine my glee at informing him about my upcoming surgery. Every time I see him, I try to think of ways I can talk about it. If he says something about the weather, for example, I say, “Yeah – it’s crappy out. Hopefully it won’t be crappy when I HAVE MY UTERUS REMOVED.” And he just shudders and runs away. I love this.

Anyway, it’s going to be a very surgical January. I shall keep you apprised of how it all turns out, since I know it’ll be ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT. 😉

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  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    God, I just love his smile! It just made my day! It sucks he has to have the surgeries, but is it painful for him now to be so contracted? I’ll say tons of prayers for him, and make sure I pass along the news to a woman who belongs to a prayer chain. I’ll make sure the prayers are for you too Mock! I hate you so much for not having periods any more, and getting cool painkillers! Trying to get in all the surgeries you can before the health care thing gets passed? It sucks you’ll be in pain. A word of advice – I’ve had laproscopic surgery a few times, and the thing that sucked the most is the gas they blow up your belly with so they can see. Here’s my TMI – make sure you get up and around as quickly as possible, so that the gas gets absorbed and you “pass” it more quickly! If you have shoulder pain afterwards, it’s because the gas presses against your diaphragm, and there’s a nerve there that gives you deferred shoulder pain. Ok, I’m done with my TMI!

  • QuiteContrary

    Oh no! Mock, that’s too much surgery for one family in one month!
    My aunt had a hysterectomy two years ago… She said the worst part was the instant menopause. But, your’s won’t be as bad since it sounds like you’ll be keeping your ovaries.
    So, that’s positive!
    Your family will be in my family’s thoughts and prayers.

  • FinsDallas

    What a great photo! Not only is he the most handsome almost-13-year-old, but he looks very happy and sweet. I shed tears over some of your previous posts of his last surgery, especially when they had to go back in and remove the ‘forgotten’ instrument that was giving him so much pain. I’m so glad they found the source, and clearly, he’s a happy fellas now. Hopefully this one will go much smoother! Bless you and your beautiful family, and my thoughts will be with you both during your upcoming surgeries.
    On another note, VERY jealous of your recent trip to Mx. We went over New Years last year, and wish we were there right now! I have no trouble leaving the cold for the Yucatan.

  • Lyonella

    I had LAVH and it was the best thing ever! No more worrying about TTOM re: vacation plans!! It’s just like being a guy!!

    Once thing tho: you may feel so good post-op that you’ll try doing too much too soon. Have Mr Mock sit on you for a solid 6 weeks so that you do NOT try to cook, do dishes, vacuum, move furniture, or in other words do anything but take leisurely strolls and eat bon-bons.
    Word to the wise!

  • Mockarena

    Thanks, all! 🙂

    Lyonella – I rarely do any of those things anyway, so I should be ok. 😉

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Holy crap Lyonella, I giggled so much over your “It’s just like being a guy!” comment!!! If men only knew what a butt pain it is to have your period. Come on Bob, I’m waiting for your input!

  • Buckeye Bob

    Punky, When women are talking about their periods and “women” problems I usually stay out of it but since you brought it up. We may not know the pain directly but it isn’t a picnic on this side either. Remember the old phrase “When mama aint happy, nobody’s happy”? Try being the quiet understanding gentleman when your living with a cross between Cybil, Dr.Jeckyl and Mrs.Hyde (Thank God for the out of town trips) It would be something like Hi Honey, I’m home, answered with what the fu## do I care? I’m $%^& here most of the &^%$% day while you can%^& around having fun at work. Then she would walk out of the room return give me a kiss and act as if nothing happened. I also learned early on not to offer her a Midol. Sometimes when I think about her I still miss the cat.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and Mock, Good luck to you and Junior.

  • Tina

    Junior Mock sure looks cute. He has such beautiful eyes! I trust this surgery will go well, with nothing left behind, since it isn’t as invasive as the previous one. He is lucky to live with his condition in this day and age, with the medical abilities that we have here and now. Also, he’s lucky to have you as his mother.

    That is quite some surgery you are going to have, Mock. I had no idea that they had a super “gut chomper vacuum thingy” that could perform the equivalent of a wood chipper to your unnecessary innards and then suck them out as if through a straw. That’s totally cool! Since you’ll be forcibly off your feet, we expect lots of great mockiness during your 6 weeks of being treated like a queen and holy princess of the household. (At least, I hope they do that for you!)

    Buckeye Bob, you crack me up. It sounds like your female partner/wife/significant other wasn’t a bunch of fun when her Aunt Flo came a-visiting. Mine isn’t, either, but I also don’t go totally psycho like that. I eat everything in sight for a few days beforehand, then deal with moodiness and cramps for a day or two, with bloating, then I’m fine once again for the next 3 weeks and do it all over again. I’m not saying that it’s a picnic for my husband, but I give him many kudos for putting up with my ever-changing hormones and the effects they have on me. (Same with my sons, bless their hearts…they have to live with me, too. LOL)

  • Anonymous

    Oh, almost forgot to mention; you have a beautiful smile too, Mock!

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Bob, I just blew popsicle all over the monitor from laughing! Cybil, huh? I’m sure my husband feels the same! I don’t know about the rest of the women, but I see myself acting irrational and bitchy, but I can’t seem to stop myself! Thank God you learned not to offer Midol – I guarantee it saved you from being smothered in your sleep!

  • R

    I love Junior Mock’s smile! Thank you for updating us on his upcoming surgery so that we can be praying and sending good thoughts your way.

    As for the hysterectomy… Punky was right about that darn gas, but no more periods will still be the best. thing. ever. I have no idea what kind of cape Lyonella wears (Wonder Woman? Super Girl?) that made her feel so good after surgery, but I’d follow her advice and avoid activity as well. The incisions may be small, but they’re going to hurt like crazy—and so will your innards as they adjust.

  • jenn

    I had my gallbladder out laposcopically, and that gas pain was so bad I went to the ER 4 days later for a full-body CT scan b/c they thought I had a pulonary embolism somewhere. However, once it was determined that it was just the gas/nerve pain thing, they told me “walk it out”. And I did, and it went away within a day or two. Just expect a little shoulder pain and you won’t be running to the ER like I did…

  • ChrissyB

    He has the best smile!

    I don’t have much to say other than I’ll keep you & your family in my prayers, Mock.

  • Hatchetwoman

    I’ll be keeping you and Junior Mock in my prayers. I have to say, I am a little envious of your future “like a guy” status. I’ve developed what the doctor refers to as “tiny” ones, and they’re bad enough. Luckily, I do progesterone cream and that has made things much better.

    Bob, that was hilarious! Just so you know, though, we don’t all turn into raging harpies. I never have, and some women I know use it as an excuse to bitch out at people — kind of a wierd passive-aggressiveness. In fact, my husband has to ask because he can’t really tell most of the time.

    I learn so much from the Mockdock! I never knew shoulder pain could be caused by gas, and why.

  • Jordon

    Handome young man-good luck with evrything.

  • Ellie

    Beautiful, beautiful boy you have there! He does have such pretty eyes and a room-brightening smile!! I am so sorry that he has to have more surgery but it sounds like this will solve a painful problem once and for all. I am also VERY envious of your upcoming ‘like a guy’ status. I wonder, though….. will there be an echo once your uterus is gone? 😉

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Glad to be of service Hatchetwoman!

  • Shell

    I had a vaginal hysterectomy (uterus only) right before Thanksgiving. I must say that the biggest problem I had post-op was dealing with lifting (nothing over 20 lbs) and driving (not for a week) restrictions. I only took 3 of the pain pills after I got home.

    I live alone, so an unemployed friend offered to come and stay with me since I couldn’t drive or do grocery shopping. 4 days after surgery I went to a bar to drink Irish Whiskey and watch the OSU v. Michigan game.

    I wish you and your son equally short and pain-free recoveries. Take it easy and let a friend or relative help wherever possible.