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Landbeast Converts To Waterbeast

If you’re stupid enough to voluntarily jump into a frozen lake, you deserve to freeze. It’s as simple as that. I guess, though, that this is one of those instances that having a little extra padding probably helps you.

I think, at one point, he actually says, “This water is freezing.”




Possessed Cat Makes Freaky Noises – Watch more Funny Videos

I am not a New Year’s person. I don’t know if it’s that I’m just really lame, or if it’s that I’m just really tired, or what. But the prospect of staying up until midnight, just to be awake during the shift from 11.59pm to 12.00am does not sound fun to me. It sounds, frankly, tiresome.

And I was all prepared to go to bed right now, until I saw this video of what is clearly the freaking scariest most evil cat ever, and now there’s no WAY I can sleep.

Wow. This Is Unfortunate.

It takes a lot to make me speechless, but this has left me without speech.

I didn’t know guys could HAVE boobs that big.

Flaaaayva Flaaaayv Sings A Ballad

With the help of some serious autotune, Flavor Flav sings straight from the heart in this deeply-felt, moving love song. (snort)


Sad Clown

I’m not a fan of clowns.  They’re completely creepy, even if they’re sad.  Or perhaps especially if they’re sad.

You know what else is creepy?  Dummies – like the kind ventriloquists use.  Did you guys every see the move Magic with Anthony Hopkins?  One of my best friends in 9th grade, and occasional mockdocker, introduced it to me and we watched it incessantly and called each other “schmucko” as a result (you have to see the movie to get that reference).  But basically since that movie, I’ve been creeped out by dummies.

If there were a horror movie about dummies and clowns it could very well be the scariest movie ever.

P.S.  What’s with this dude’s boots?

Mini-Mock, Cats, And Fight Songs

I think I may have told you before that Mr. Mock really wants a dog. I love dogs, but the only dog I want is Daisy’s dog. And if I can’t have Daisy’s dog, I want a guarantee that whatever dog I get will behave just like Daisy’s dog. And that’s highly unlikely.

Which is why it totally cracks me up that Mini-Mock has decided he wants a cat. I didn’t put him up to this at all, you guys. He has recently, all by himself, decided he wants a cat. This totally drives Mr. Mock crazy. This is the equivalent of Mini-Mock telling Mr. Mock he wants to wear a tutu and make-up. I don’t know why, but it is. Mr. Mock has somehow convinced himself that it’s just not cool or manly to want a cat.

But cats ARE cool. Just look at the cat in the video above. I mean, that cat has figured out how to give itself a back massage while going downstairs. That is a very resourceful cat. I asked Mini-Mock the other day what he would name a cat if he got a cat. And he said, “James.” Apparently, Mini-Mock is a fan of traditional names.

Speaking of tradition, Mini-Mock has made Mr. Mock proud by learning the UGA fight song. It’s featured in the video below, along with some completely random and inexplicable dialogue about crying in the living room and Home Depot being devoid of people. I should also warn you that there is nudity involved.


I Totally Love Her.

There is something so charmingly pathetic about this girl. I haven’t seen the movie Avatar, and can’t comment on how good of make-up tutorial this is, but the fact that she paints her gigantic face blue and puts black lines and white dots on it and then roars at the camera and then posts it for the world to see makes me want to be her friend.

Rosie O’Donnell Appears To Have A New Girlfriend, Despite Crocs.

Remember when Rosie O’Donnell at least TRIED to take care of herself?  Waaaaay back in the Rosie Show days?  I mean, look at the difference:

I would even go so far as to say she looked nice.  But now?  Yeesh.

See – this is what crocs will do to you.

Freaks And Landbeasts Doing What Freaks And Landbeasts Do

Which is, of course, pushing each other around and wearing inappropriate clothing. I actually watched all 42 seconds of this. THINK of how productive I could have been otherwise.

Tuesday Morning Flash Mob

And it’s a GLEE flash mob. Could there be anything more awesome? Thanks to an alert and astute mockdocker, we can all start off our Tuesday morning with this total awesomeness. If you watch carefully, you’ll see a puppy dog put his two cents in, and also a little kid on someone’s shoulders singing along. To a Queen song. Hello. How awesome is that?

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