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You guys, this is NORAH JONES. Holy crap! She looks absolutely gorgeous. Not that she wasn’t gorgeous before, but this haircut is STUNNING on her. I love it. LOVE.

Norah’s first album is one of my all time faves. And, if I need good napping music, it’s a sure thing. I can always nap to it. I remember that Mr. Mock and I went to her concert here in Indy, and she seemed disappointed that the crowd wasn’t more enthusiastic and excited. A couple of times she said stuff like, “Come on you guys! You’re so quiet!” And I just wanted to say, “Norah – Helloooo. Have you listened to your album? We’re trying to nap in here for crying out loud.”

Anyway – I love her new look.


Chaz Bono Speaks!

I gotta say, it’s kinda startling to hear her/his new voice. I wasn’t prepared for that, even though I can’t say I really recall what her/his old voice was like. I just know it didn’t sound like this.

I know I should be tolerant and accepting and all of that, and in theory I am. I mean, good for her/him that she/he is fixing her/his lady parts so that her/his body matches her/his brain. I think it’s a cruel genetic prank that nature plays on people when they look in the mirror and feel like the opposite gender from what they see.
But I’m not going to lie. The whole thing completely freaks me out. In an I’m-completely-fascinated-by-this-and-will-likely-watch-the-interview-now sort of way.

Is It Just Me?


Apparently, this is a new pic of Britney Spears from her website.  And I don’t know about you all, but there is something wonky about it.  Like she’s been affected by a mild stroke or something.  Do you see it?

Do I just need new contacts?

This Man Miiiight Be Drunk


I mean, I’m not POSITIVE.  But all indications are that he is, in fact, intoxicated.

Are those bowling shoes?

Best. Breakfast. EVER!

Daisy, J and I went to Cracker Barrel this morning, and our waiter was the friendliest, most courteous, adorable man EVER.  And he had this chocolatey velvet deep voice that totally made me melt. It’s so great to have great service in the early morning, when you’re grouchy and fighting off the same Almost-Cold you’ve been fighting off for like 5 days straight.

So when he said, “Can I get you ladies anything else?”  I said, “Yes.  You can sing us a song.  Your voice is delicious.”  And he laughed and said he’d think up a song, playing along with us.

But you guys, he came back and SANG TO US.  And then we asked him to say, “Damn Right” like Shaft at the end.  And he did!!  He was so completely fabulous.

If you ever go to the NW Indianapolis Cracker Barrel, ask for KT the velvet-voiced waiter.  And tell him that 3 chicks told you he serenaded them at breakfast and that it was the best way to start a day EVER, and perhaps he’ll sing for you too.  LOVE.

Be sure to watch till the end, so you can hear him say, “Damn Right.”  That’s my favorite part!

Glambert’s Album Cover


It’s a good thing Adam Lambert came out as a gay dude in Rolling Stone magazine a few months ago, because otherwise I would have NO IDEA which team he plays on.   Particularly after seeing this album cover, which is so incredibly ambiguous with respect to his sexuality.

You’d think he could be a little louder and prouder about his gayness, instead of keeping it so subtle.  Sheesh.

Halloween Costume


Huh.  For a second I thought this dude was trying to be Octomom for Halloween, but the beer is throwing me off.

It’s still possible he’s eaten her children though.

Deep Thoughts By Kate Gosselin


When asked if she’d ever remarry, Kate’s words of wisdom on the most recent episode of her show were these:

I really don’t want to be married again, but I don’t want to be alone. The alone-ness is really alone.”

Alone-ness is really alone, she says.  Huh.  I would not have realized that.  I’d be curious to hear her thoughts on loneliness as well.  Is loneliness as alone as alone-ness?

Your Tuesday Afternoon Eye Assault


Buckeye Bob sent me this photo, which I thought was uncalled for.  I mean, what have I ever done to Buckeye Bob to deserve this kind of treatment?  It’s an assault on the eyes, plain and simple.  The reason I’m posting it is to demonstrate Buckeye Bob’s cruelty to me.  The fact that you have to look at it now too is really not my fault, because there was no other way to demonstrate the cruelty, you see.  It’s all very legitimate.

Skeletor Is Either Very Hot Or Very Nervous


I hope there’s some Degree anti-perspirant in that pocket, and that J-Lo has got a hold of it and is in the process of pulling him to a nearby bathroom that has air dryers so that Marc can look SLIGHTLY less sweat-ariffic.

I love her shoes, though.

So, you know, they have that.

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