You Better Sit Down For This


Apparently, Jon Gosselin and his new-ish girlfriend have split up.  This is sure to send shockwaves throughout the universe, because it seemed they had EVERYTHING going for them.  She was a mature 22 year old who loved to party, and he was a barely-divorced father of 8. 

I don’t know what could have possibly gone wrong.

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  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    There was a collective “Who gives a crap?” heard around the world.

  • Anonymouse

    My faith in true love has just been destroyed. I mean, if these two can’t make it…who can?

  • Cousin-in-law

    Could it be because of this

    Talk about a freakin’ horror show.

    Those poor poor children.

  • burning eyeballs

    Why is it those that really are the weak end of the gene pool are doing the most breeding?

  • Lyonella

    Burning eyeballs – Breeding drones I spose.

  • Hatchetwoman

    I think she got sick of his t-shirts.