Glambert’s New Single

I took a listen to Adam Lambert’s single, and the conclusion I’ve come to about it is that he has officially replaced George Michael.

Your thoughts?

P.S. The Standard Glambert Yowl begins at minute 2.40.

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  • Anonymous

    really thought I’d get his CD when it came out until I saw this…his manicure is better than mine at the moment! Did not like the sound either.

  • Ashley_Judd

    Not my kind of music but if he is interested in making millions in Europe and Asia this should do it … make it STOP … the noise hurts my ears.

  • Benoit from Ottawa
  • Jessy

    i cant wait till everyone is over this lady gaga glambert music crap so we can get back to real music that isnt annoying as heck. really mock boy george? are you serious? wow. not even close in my opinion….

  • Zachary

    “Hi, my name is Adam Lambert and I’m doing my best to be Lady Gaga. Except my level of talent is like negative 2004.”

  • Mockarena

    No Jessy – GEORGE MICHAEL. Very very very different than Boy George.

  • jessy

    lmao my mistake i knew it sounded weird as i typed it. thats ok then carry on i dont have any strong feelings for george michael lol.

  • Punky

    Only Prince could carry off that look.