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Serious Question Time, Mockdockers

Should Roman Polanski be tried for his crime?

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That’s pretty much the first question that pops into my mind when I watch this.

Actually, it’s also the 2nd and 3rd question too. And then I just want some of Mr. Mock’s Vicodin.

Your Sunday Morning Combover


And a man-purse to go with it.  Nice!

Your Saturday Night Drug Free Acid Trip

I’ve never done Actual Drugs, but I’m guessing this is probably what it’s like.



….Mischa Barton is now 106 years old.

Attack Of The Landbeasts

I’m just saying. Y’all need to be careful.


Totally incredible sand painter, sent to me by an alert and astute mockdocker. Totally not mockable, but something you should all see because it is FREAKING COOL.

Divorce Becomes Him



He looks like crap.

But you know who doesn’t look like crap, despite the fact that he just went through MAJOR SURGERY?

Mr. Mock.  Mr. Mock looks, actually, totally awesome.  And he’s standing up straight, which is a far cry from how he looked this morning.  Thanks to those of you who sent well wishes for him.  I think he’s going to be as good as new in a few weeks!



I need all you photoshopping experts to tell me if this photo has been tampered with.  Because if it hasn’t, then HOLY WOW this chick has a serious collagen addiction.

The Summer Of Back Surgeries Continues


So, according to Mr. Mock, that package contains two Japanese peanut butter pockets.  And apparently they are really good.  You’re supposed to smear them with jelly, but the peanut butter is built right in, and then they’re all sealed up.  Handy, huh?

This is what Mr. Mock brought back with him from his recent trip to Japan.  He also brought along two herniated discs, which are being operated on tomorrow afternoon.  I’m glad the injury was thoughtful enough to happen a few months after Junior Mock’s surgery, because two Mock boys to take care of the same time would have been tough.

So it seems that the boys in this household are not content to just sit around not having their backs operated on.  I’ve begun to look at Mini-Mock very suspiciously as a result.

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