2009-09-29_203457 2009-09-29_203658

Some questions:

1.  What is the chick on our left wearing, exactly?  Is it a miniskirt which has ridden up? Is it a skort that’s just way too small?  And does she NOT FEEL THE BREEZE?

2.  What in the frackety freak is happening right under the skirtular area of the chick on our right?  Is that a subgut?  Or is she in the process of delivering a child in breech position?


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  • wiggity

    Is this from the Walmart shopper website?

  • elmo

    LOL! You’re one to talk…you have the hots for a John Stossel!!! HELLO!!! Here’s to growing a giant ‘stash because of NO upper lip….HELLO!!!!

    Plus…your ass ain’t no small pillow…

  • R

    Elmo, you’ve clearly found yourself on the wrong blog.

  • Hatchetwoman

    elmo, you’re married to the woman in the tighty whities, aren’t you?

  • Kami

    1. I believe it was a mini skirt that apparently the spandex could no longer maintain the shape of the entire but and bunched up as she walked. Thank god she’s wearing underware! Why on gods green earth would she ever think she could rock that outfit in the first place? Her upper body seems to look ok in the top (from the back at least) who knows what the front looks like.

    2. That woman is showing some serious front butt! She should have aimed for a longer skirt if she was going to walk out in public. I would think she would’ve felt the breeze too–evidently not.

  • burning eyeballs

    elmo just wishes Mock had the hots for him, and that he looked as good as John Stossel.

  • Larry

    I say she’s shoplifting a frozen turkey.

  • sunnyAZ

    lol, Larry!

  • mga

    i wonder who the over-sexed morons were who told each of them they looked sexy dressed like that.

    they had to be extremely sex starved dudes.

  • jenn

    I’m hoping the chick in the fishnets is 9 1/2 months pregnant. Otherwise, that’s a physics issue that requires additional study by NASA.

  • Tatertot

    Well, at least she’s got the proper fishnets on, to catch whatever’s fallin’ outta there. Yeeks.

  • ER

    I’m with MGA. Someone had to have seen it and why didn’t they say, “honey you can’t go out dressed like that – it’s just not right.”

  • Anonymous

    This is from, usually the pics have a watermark on them but they seem to have been cropped.
    Anyway, unlimited entertainment awaits.