Your Tuesday Morning Landbeast


She’s having it her way, you guys.  And she’s lovin’ it.

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  • Mikey

    -No doubt ordering a McLandbeast combo, supersized of course.

  • jenn

    I love how he/she/it is looking at the drive-up window like “Uh…you open?” Just casual-like.

  • Kami

    This is totally mean and awful of me–but there stands a good chance that the person’s weight with the wheel chair scooter thingy would register on the sensor at the drive through.

  • Bunny

    This is what’s wrong with healthcare. Good lord.

  • Mikey

    Bunny: My first thought when I saw this picture was actually a sound…..the sound of healthcare dollars being sucked into a vortex.

  • Zachary

    One time, I was driving behind this car that was going really, really slowly. I followed them until it was clear and then passed them.

    Yeah, they were driving so slowly because an old man in a power wheelchair was going down the road in front of them.

  • Punky

    Mikey – supersized with a DIET drink! Is it wrong that I laughed hysterically when I saw this?

  • Lyonella

    Warning: Rant!
    There should be some sort of Dram Act for junk food.
    Say, if you’re waist-to-hip ratio is over a certain size you will not be allowed more than one Happy Meal. Or, to make it easy, if you are obviously a lard ass – no service. There goes most of Micky D’s clientele.
    Too bad ppl can’t self-regulate. And then they cry for gastric stapling and of course insurance should cover it!! I agree Mikey and it really ticks me off. That and smoking.

  • Wiz of ID

    I really think this is a picture of my ex-mother-in-law! You know why she needed a motorized wheelchair? Her arms were too fat to move a normal wheelchair. Why did she need a wheelchair? Because she was too fat to walk. She was handed a gym membership, nutrition coach & personal trainer at no cost (so she could be their “success story”) and turned it down because they looked in her locker!! People like this take absolutely no personal responsibility for themselves!!
    And Punky-you are totally right. This lady is ordering a DIET soda. Just cuz!

  • Lyonella

    Wiz, doesn’t that take the cake! I know scads of ppl getting disability payments…their “disability”? —>too fat to work! WTF?

  • Hatchetwoman

    People who are given the tools to take care of their problem and find some silly excuse not to follow through, like Wiz’s ex-mother-in-law, should not be given any further help. Someone needs to “help” other people to grow up — and I say this as a person who’s battled with her weight for a long time. Yes, it’s work to lose and even more work to keep the weight off, but if the choice is control yourself or cripple yourself, I’m not choosing the latter.

  • Punky

    Lyonella – The Simpsons had an episode where Homer purposely packed on the pounds just to get disability!

  • Lyonella

    I applaud you Hatchetwoman…*crowd wildly cheers*…especially the part about “it’s work to keep it off”. After the initial loss it’s so easy to backslide.
    Punky, no I didn’t see that episode. Do you think it might wake somebody up about this abuse of government funds?? Uh huh.

  • Zachary

    See, we have all this going on, this abuse of the system by obese people, yet at the same time we’re crying because celebrities are giving us all unrealistic body images? That makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting anorexia or anything of the sort. I’m saying that what’s wrong with having a thin yet still healthy figure be what we strive for rather than just sitting around lazily, getting payed by the government?

    If someone could please just explain that to me, I’d be so happy.