Courtney Love Meets Her Soulmate


They even kinda look alike.

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  • Larry

    Hey, Mock: I think you must have resized the pic and messed up the aspect ratio on Countney Love. You flattened her face and squashed it out, because her smile is about twice as wide as it should be.

    Didn’t you?

  • Kami

    forgive me for being out of the loop–but who is the other guy? And wow, they do look very much alike that it’s almost scary!

  • directorevil

    That is Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.

  • Larry

    That’s Oogo Chavez. You make a sound like one of those toy bicycle horns with a squeeze-bulb — “Aooogo! Aooogo!”

    You can tell how politically correct a person or thing is with lefties, by how far they bend over backward to pronounce his name EXACTLY as in his native language — no Americanizing! Thus it’s “Cheelay.” But not “Frahnce.” Not “Deutchlahnd.” Cheelay is more in vogue with liberals.

  • Punky

    Larry – If you ever watch Jeopardy, you’ll hear Alex Trebek with his hilarious affectations and accents! Every time he does one, I actually want to punch him in the face it’s so annoying. By the way, “Aooogo” made my hysterical! Hope you’re happy!

  • HurleyBurleyGirl

    I hate Hugo Chavez on sooooooooooooo many levels. Don’t even get me started.